What Kitchen Cabinets are in Style?

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Kitchen cabinet styles come and go, but what kitchen cabinets are in style right now? What are the kitchen color trends and styles that people are loving and can’t get enough of? There are several things that people are gravitating towards, so let’s look at them and see why.

Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets have been popular for a while now, but I don’t see them going anywhere. Shaker cabinets are known for their paneled doors with simple clean inside and outside edges. A shaker cabinet is minimalistic and what some may refer to as modern. This is very popular amongst most designers today. Using this style of door will allow you to focus more on the other elements of your kitchen with the cabinets themselves being less busy looking. In most of our kitchen designs, you will find that we try to keep things clean and minimal. So we almost always go with shaker style cabinets. In fact, we used style cabinets on our current home and our current flip house that we are remodeling.

Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets are one of the top things that come to mind when thinking about kitchen cabinet style. As much as many love an all-white kitchen, it seems as if the style is leaning more to adding in some color. Painted cabinets allow you to express some personality within your kitchen.

Going bold or a little darker can make a huge statement. Using a darker color for kitchen cabinetry demonstrates sophistication and definitely sets a mood for a kitchen. Our current kitchen cabinet color is Railings by Farrow & Ball which is rich, bold, and high contrast. Another great option is Studio Green by Farrow & Ball

If being bold isn’t your thing, you don’t have to go with white cabinets. A mushroom paint color is a great option for kitchen cabinets. We actually have chosen the color Wish by Sherwin Williams for our flip house kitchen. I think you are going to love it! It is a neutral color, but still adds the element of subtle contrast that we wanted against the white walls. We will be adding brass hardware and black accents with the windows and pantry door.

Pale Stained Wood Cabinets

If you are not into painted cabinets and want a wood look, pale stained cabinets are definitely in style. This look can be achieved with several different species of wood, but the most common wood used is white oak. It’s an option that adds some warmth into a kitchen while still keeping things on the lighter side. This natural white oak finish is a great look paired with brass hardware and white walls as well. You will notice many top designers going with this look.

Design: Studio Dearborn

Also mixing the two (painted and white oak) is even better. Don’t be afraid of a little contrast.

This look is one we will be implementing into the flip house kitchen design. We will be using Benjamin Moore Wish for the the cabinets while mixing in lighter wood tones on custom white oak panels on the refrigerator.

Lower Cabinets Only

We are huge fans of only using lower cabinets with no uppers. Some may disagree with this due to losing some storage, but I think this look can give a kitchen more personality. This concept allows you to be creative with the perimeter walls instead of filling those walls with cabinets. Other design options for the walls would be open shelving, wall sconces, and art.

With our previous home builds and remodels we have chosen to go with this style and haven’t regretted it. We’ve used a butler’s pantry, big drawers, big islands, and floating shelves for the lack of storage. We were able to not compromise on style while still being able to have the functionality of storage.

More Drawers and Less Doors

Using more large drawers and less doors is an idea and design that we implemented in our current home and I’m loving it! Drawers allow your kitchen cabinets to look more custom and more like a piece of furniture. They also allow for more storage and creates easier access to pots and pans.

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