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  • Home Gym

    How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

    Creating a home gym is an exciting venture that can greatly enhance your fitness routine. Not only does it save you time and money on gym memberships, but it also provides the convenience of working out in your own space. But how much does a home gym cost? Let’s break down the key factors that influence the overall expense, from gym type and location to equipment brands and additional considerations like flooring and ventilation.

  • Interior Design

    Drapes vs Curtains

    When it comes to window treatments, two of the most popular options are drapes and curtains. While they may seem interchangeable to some, there are distinct differences between the two. Although it may seem challenging to choose the right one for your home, both have their own set of benefits and downsides, making them more suitable for certain spaces and preferences than others. Let’s look into the world of drapes and curtains and discover which might be the best fit for your home.

  • Design Decisions

    How High to Hang Curtains

    With so many window covering options out there, curtains tend to be the most popular. But, Knowing how high to hang curtains in your home can be quite the challenge. It seems like something so simple, but in reality, the complete look of the windows in a room can change based on the height of a curtain.

  • Cleaning

    How to Clean Curtains

    Curtains and drapes are an essential part of home decor, adding elegance and warmth to any room. They can accumulate dust, allergens, and even odors over time. Regular cleaning not only maintains their appearance but also extends their lifespan. This article will guide you on how to clean different types of curtains, how often to clean them, and tips for keeping them fresh longer. We also highlight our favorite curtains: the Belgian Flax Linen Curtain from Pottery Barn.

  • Cleaning

    How to Keep White Sheets White

    White sheets have a timeless, clean appeal that can make any bedroom feel like a serene retreat. However, maintaining their crisp, bright appearance can be challenging. With a few simple steps and some regular care, you can keep your sheets looking fresh and vibrant. Let’s explore how to keep your white sheets white and how to achieve that hotel-like freshness right at home.