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The Benefits of a Butler’s Pantry

Credit: Kvanum

So when we started planning for this build, we discussed lots of things, but a pantry was not one of them. Im not the typical mother or wife that cooks every night or has a stash of food in the cabinets. Actually, I would be kind of embarrassed to show you my pantry right now. You would probably call me a horrible mother or think that I do not feed my children. I can assure you this is not the case, but I do not buy in excess and really don’t have much need for a huge pantry.

This leads me to our new house plan and our huge pantry. After we saw the first floor design from our architect, I pointed to the pantry and asked Henry what in the world is that space. He laughed and explained it was a butler’s pantry. Of course, I had been in older homes before where these are actually common and I’m sure many people today build homes with butler pantries included, but for me, it just seemed like a waste of money, and you know we are all about budget and where to save.

The more I thought it through and about how it could be functional for me and our family, I kind of liked the idea and we kept it in our plan. I liked the idea of keeping all the small appliances in there to make the kitchen look a little cleaner. Is also seemed like it could be useful for prepping if we were hosting a large group of people.

With thinking and dreaming now of all the different ways and things I could put in the new pantry, I started looking at inspiration. I am going to share a few ideas I have with you.

Great Place to Store Small Appliances and a microwave.

A panty is a great place to store small kitchen appliances. We have even thought about putting our microwave in the panty. I had asked this question on an Instagram post a few days ago and many agreed this would be a wonderful placement. This would allow more space on the countertop and would create more of a clean uncluttered look in the main kitchen.

Credit: Kristi Spouse Interiors

I love this pantry and the placement of the microwave. We do not use our microwave in excess, so this seems like the perfect setup for us.

Credit: Thomas Bernard Concepts

Extra Refrigerator/Freezer Storage

Extra refrigerator and freezer storage is much needed for larger families. Although, Im not one to keep tons of extra food on hand, we do seem to always need more refrigerator and freezer space. This is normally due to our over abundance of what my husband calls “delicious waters” and my son’s obsession for ice-cream and pizza rolls. By the way, my husband is referring to carbonated flavored waters…lol.

Credit: The House that A-M Built

Great Way to Stay Organized

A pantry is a great way to help you keep organized. Having designated places to keep every item will help kids find things more easily, cut down on waste, and in general just look better.

Credit: Studio McGee

Perfect for Hosting

A butler’s pantry comes in really handy when hosting parties or family events. It is a great place to do the behind scenes prep work. This will allow you to use your main kitchen for the entertaining. It will keep everything looking nice and main countertops free for entertainment pieces.

Credit: Kvanum

After looking at so many inspirational pictures of butler’s pantries, I really think Im going to enjoy having this space. Im excited to see how we will actually design and use this space ourselves.

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  • Reply Zoe Hunt

    It’s going to be such a nice space, especially for entertaining! I love entertaining, but I hate trying to get all the food ready AND clean all the dirty dishes before guests arrive. And you can keep extra food prepped in the back and bring it out as needed!

    April 22, 2019 at 4:34 pm
    • Reply Brooke

      Hello Zoe! Exactly my thoughts. After thinking about how much I may actually use it, I really started liking the idea of having one. We are pretty excited about it.

      April 22, 2019 at 5:33 pm

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