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Our Favorite Mudroom Hooks

There are so many mudroom hooks available that it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one that fits your style. We’ve looked at too many to count, especially when we were trying to find hooks for our mudroom lockers. But we saved the links to all of our favorites and in this article, we’re sharing them with you.

What is a Mudroom and Why Do I Need Mudroom Hooks?

A mudroom is a dedicated area or room near the entrance (normally an informal entrance like the garage area) where you can hang coats, hats, backpacks or anything that you would want to take off before entering the other parts of your home. I sometimes see it referred to as the “catch-all” room or area.

A mudroom normally has a few essential parts which may include storage lockers or cubbies, maybe a sink, and of course hooks. Hooks are very essential within the mudroom area because they can be used for most items you will be hanging in that area. Hooks can be installed on lockers or even the wall and they help create a classy look and provide quick and useful organization.

Favorite Brass Mudroom Hooks

I’m sharing two different brass hooks at different ends of the price spectrum. Two of our favorite brass hooks are the Elroy and Massey Double Hooks from Rejuvenation. Both of these hooks are very durable and look great, but you will see one is a bit more expensive than the other one. That being said, the Elroy is 2” bigger in height than the Massey. The Elroy also offers a bit more artistic detail on each knob and backplate. Both options are aged brass and would add warmth and sophistication to any mudroom.

Elroy Hook
Massey Hook

Favorite Black Mudroom Hook

Our favorite black hook is the Winfield Double Swivel Hook. It comes in several finishes, but obviously, our favorite is black. It has a sculptural silhouette and comes with industrial fasteners. And I love that it is constructed of solid brass. The swivel feature is also a nice touch that allows you to fold them out of the way if you need to.

Favorite Large Hook

If you’re looking for a hook or in this case hooks, the Brendon Farrel 10-Fin Hook Rack is the way to go. It has a unique fin-inspired shape and comes in natural white oak or a solid walnut finish. There are also two size options available.

Favorite Small Hook

This cute Faceted J Hook from Target is our favorite small hook. It holds up to 35 pounds and is 1.8″ long. It is a smaller hook for those areas where you need something small but still want the sleek style. This decorative hook comes in a shiny gold finish and at a great price of only $8.00.

Favorite Classic Hook

I love the subtle fluted details and the simple curved silhouette of the Ladd Double Hook. It has a truly classic design and is made of solid brass and is available in multiple finishes.

Favorite Modern Hook

The Shaw from Rejuvenation is our favorite modern mudroom hook. It’s crafted from Walnut and has a distinct mid-century modern design. I love its clean lines and would be the perfect accent to a set of minimalistic set of mudroom lockers.

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