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Why We Chose Railings by Farrow and Ball

Credit: deVOL

We are so excited to announce we have chosen a paint color for our kitchen cabinetry. This was such a hard decision for us, but with help from you all, we finally made up our minds.

I never would have dreamed we would have spent so much time choosing a paint color.

I think when it comes to paint colors on cabinets, we fear getting it wrong. Knowing it is a pretty big job to redo adds to the difficulty of the decision-making process. Not to mention, the paint color kind of defines the room. With kitchen cabinets, it truly is a huge part of the kitchen, so this was a pretty big decision for us.

Embracing Bold

Although Railings was the winner amongst our followers and us, we did get some comments saying the lighter color would be safer and timeless. I do agree, probably a little safer in knowing we would like it, but would we love it?

Image result for farrow and ball railings

We have always played it safe for the most part, and love the fact that more neutral cabinetry goes with almost any style. Using a neutral color also appeals to many which is great for resale. But this time around, we were seeking something bold, elegant, and different from our normal. Railings by Farrow and Ball fit all of our criteria.


Since we will be keeping things simple and clean with the design of this house, we thought darker cabinets would be a great way to add a pop of contrast and a bit of color.

Credit: deVOL

We will be adding in antique brass hardware to set off the darker color. It will also be paired with a lighter marble look quartz countertop that we will be choosing very soon.


We were a little worried about a darker color not being as timeless as a lighter one. However, the more we thought about it, we both agreed Railings was a color that actually exemplified timelessness.

Not only is it timeless, but it will add a lot of character. We’re hoping it will create a that wow factor in our kitchen that everyone wants.

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  • Reply Dani

    Your kitchen is AMAZING! Well, actually, your entire house is! I have a question – I have been searching for either a dark blue or dark charcoal/ soft (?) black paint color for my kitchen island. I stumbled upon your kitchen when I was searching for a way to stain my red oak cabinets so they would look more like white oak. So – I then saw F&B Railings for the first time. It’s beautiful! I feel like I may have just hit the “jackpot” re: finding my island paint color.

    BUT – I have a question for you – how does it wear? I don’t know very much about F&B paint. I have heard that there whites don’t tend to have good coverage – I’m not sure if that’s correct – but there are several posts I’ve read claiming that to be true. How has Railings held up on your cabinets? Would you mind telling me the exact prep/process used to paint your cabinets? I have been suffering from a serious illness for awhile – and have just been able to move back into my home. I am having someone paint my existing cabinets – and I don’t want to waste $$ if your F&B hasn’t held up well in your kitchen. My boyfriend already doesn’t understand why I want to buy F&B paint vs SW/BM (actually, he doesn’t really understand why I just can’t just buy the cheapest paint at a big box store and call it a day!!). FYI – I ALMOST made a joke about men in general not understanding the “need” for F&B paint but then realized that a man might be reading my comment! Obviously, not the typical “man” living in your household!

    I would appreciate any advice/suggestions/thoughts. Also, my ceilings have already been painted SW Extra White – this happened while I was in the hospital. What “white” color would you suggest for trim/cabinets that would look great with an island in F&B Railings and a SW Extra White ceiling? I will also be incorporating a red oak pantry stained with the product you used on your red oak FP mantle and ceiling beams. I’m also thinking about using Bedrosian Cloe White tile for my backsplash – but I can change that if needed in order to make everything else work.

    I really appreciate your help! I really enjoy your blog!

    February 19, 2021 at 8:54 pm
  • Reply Micah

    What is the paint color of the hood?

    August 17, 2021 at 12:23 pm
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