Ideas for Decorating with Wicker Baskets

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Anytime you can decorate with something functional it’s a win-win! That’s why I love decorating with wicker baskets. Not only do they add dimension, warmth, and texture to a space, but wicker baskets are also great for storing things. Here are some creative ways you can use wicker baskets around your home.

Large Baskets Beside the Sofa

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch under a cozy blanket and watching a movie. But where do you keep blankets? You can keep them in a closet or a cabinet, but another great option is storing them in large wicker baskets.

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We have a large basket beside each of our sofas. And if you don’t have side tables, this is an excellent way to fill that space in your living room.

On Shelves

I’m always looking for items for our shelving. Whether it be the open shelves in the kitchen or built-ins in the office, it’s fun to come up with new looks with different items. But one must for me when it comes to decorating shelves is a basket or even multiple baskets.

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I like using a larger basket on the bottom shelf to anchor the rest of the smaller items above.

Large Baskets in the Bathroom

Another place to use large baskets is in the bathroom. Use them to fill in empty spaces, like beside your vanity or tub. In our master bathroom, we have one on each side of our double vanity where we store clean towels.

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We have a lot of white in our bathroom, so the wicker baskets are a great way for us to add some warmth to the room.

In the Mudroom

In our mudroom, we have lockers that have several compartments. We’ve used a collection of various sized baskets to fill these spaces. They add warmth and texture and make great places to put things like hats, scarfs, and gloves. It’s another example of form plus function, keeping things looking tidy and stylish!

Large Baskets Under Entryway Table

If you have an entryway table that is open underneath like we do, a great idea is to fill that space with large baskets. Try to keep things balanced.

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For example, our table has two sections on the bottom that are created by the bottom frame. So I chose to use two baskets that were large enough to fill the space.

On the Kitchen Counter

If you have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, placing a shallow wicker basket can be a nice touch. We have one in our kitchen under our open shelving that creates balance visually and is a place where we throw small items like car keys and earbuds.

The kitchen seems to be that place where family members pass through as they are coming and going. So things have a tendency to pile up on the counter. Having a basket like this certainly helps to keep things looking nice and tidy in the kitchen.

On a Coffee Table

I love using a shallow wicker basket on a coffee table, especially if the coffee table top is something other than wood. Our coffee table is black metal, and the basket adds a nice touch of warmth and texture. It also makes a great place to put the tv remote when it’s not being used.

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A Plant Container

Wicker baskets make great plant containers, from a visual standpoint that is. You wouldn’t want to put the plant directly in the basket. You would definitely have trouble keeping dirt and water in! The idea is to keep the plant in a regular container or pot and find a wicker basket large enough for it to fit in.

Our Favorite Baskets

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