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Top Paint Colors for 2020

As we all look forward to a new year full of exciting adventures, some of us may be taking on projects that include painting. Many colors will be going out and some coming in, but I’m not talking about whites and blacks. Those are timeless.

For this article, I’m talking about paint colors that are a little more bold like blues, greens, and even pinks! These are the colors that do tend to come and go. But they’re such fun while they’re popular.

If you’re looking to bring a little color into your home in 2020, here are some paint colors that will be hot this year!

Naval By Sherwin Williams

As top designers are implementing dark confident colors in the next year, Sherwin Williams offers a beautiful color called Naval. Naval is a dark navy that creates a sense of calm while being very bold.

Credit: Sherwin Williams

Naval is a great color for an office, kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, or even an office. This darker color pairs very well with brass, lighter natural wood, and live greenery accents. When using this color in a kitchen or bathroom it also illuminates lighter natural stone such as marble.

Back to Nature by Behr

Another great for 2020 is Back to Nature by Behr. Back to Nature is a beautiful color that embraces the outdoors. It is a very calming and soothing green that I definitely foresee being popular among the ones who want to bring the outside in and rejuvenate the spirit.

Credit: Behr

Back to Nature is a great color to use in a sunroom, dining area, or laundry room. It looks amazing when paired with black or even white walls with loads of natural light. This shade of green creates the perfect calming effect while adding in just enough differentially.

Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore

Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore is one of the neural colors I see staying around for 2020. It was Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color of the year and should keep pleasing well into the future.

Credit: Benjamin Moore

It is soft, sophisticated, and very adaptable to any most rooms or areas. Metropolitan is a cool grey with warm undertones that to me, is absolutely perfect.

Secret Meadow by Behr

Another popular color on the rise for the next year is Secret Meadow by Behr. This is another calming green that brings in the outdoors. It pairs well with earth-toned accents that we will see very popular in this new year.

Romance by Sherwin Williams

Romance by Sherwin Williams is a soft shade of pink that was included in HGTV Home’s Simply Blissful Color Collection. It’s a colorful yet soothing color that creates a sense of elegance.

It is more of a pale pink with lots of warmth. Romance works well on interior walls and even used as accent colors on furniture.

Desert Fortress by Valspar

Although I’m not sure we are completely on board with this one, beige may be making a comeback for 2020.

Desert Fortress by Valspar looks to be up and coming for the new year. This a comforting color that creates a blank canvas for any room or area. Desert Fortress can be paired with earth tones and works well layered for more of a cozy look.

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  • Reply Laurie

    Thank you! We are doing this in one of our bedrooms! Beautiful!

    What is the flooring in the kids bedroom?

    January 8, 2020 at 12:14 pm
  • Reply Jen

    Every photo and swatch I have seen of metropolitan is so beautiful and sophisticated looking. That hint of green just makes it so elegant. However, we used it for trim in my sons room and In a bathroom renovation and I don’t love it. Both spaces look like battleship gray. No depth or softness. Such a bummer.

    January 13, 2020 at 1:59 am
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