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White House with Black Trim: Classic or Trendy?

white house with black trim

White houses with black trim have been one of the hottest home trends for the past few years. From modern farmhouses to traditional colonial homes, the look has popped up everywhere. But is this look here to stay or will it be a passing fad? Let’s explore what makes this aesthetic so popular and the different ways you can create a white house with black trim.

Why White Houses with Black Trim are So Popular?

White houses with black trim have been around for centuries, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years. The classic color combination has an air of sophistication that allows it to fit in with many different styles. It works well on both contemporary and traditional homes and gives them an added touch of elegance without being too over-the-top. This trend is also easy to achieve on new construction as well as remodels. And there is something about the contrast f white and black on a home that creates a lot of curb appeal.

Choosing a White Paint Color

If you love the white house with black trim look, there are several ways you can go about achieving it. The most obvious thing you will have to do is paint your house white. And this starts with choosing a white paint color, which can be overwhelming since there are so many choices. We’ve painted our fair share of white exteriors, so we have some experience in the area. Here are our favorite white paint colors to pair with black trim.

Sherwin Williams White Duck

Sherwin Williams White Duck is a warm white with subtle yellow and gray undertones. It can appear creamy but never looks too yellowish. We used it on our current home, and it looks amazing with our black windows, gutters, and downspouts.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore white dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove is another warm white, but not nearly as creamy as White Duck. If you are looking for a white paint color that is more neutral, White Dove is a great choice.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a soft off-white paint color. It is another warm white, with greige undertones. So you don’t have to worry about it looking yellow on the exterior of your home. There is enough gray to tone down the yellow.

Add Black Trim Elements

After you have selected your white paint color, you then need to figure out how you want to add black trim or accents to your home. There are several ways to do this.

The most expensive option is adding black windows. And if you are doing a remodel, this is the most involved option. It’s also a big commitment. Meaning that if you commit to black windows, it’s not something that you can easily change back if you decide you do not like the look.

We went with black windows for our modern farmhouse. The windows and garage doors were the only two black elements we used. The result was a clean and modern look with pops of contrast.

Another way to achieve the black trim look is to choose black guttering and downspouts. When it comes to home design, guttering and downspouts are often an afterthought. But if you choose to go with black, they can become a true design element on your home’s exterior.

If you really want to take the white house black trim look to the next level, you can paint your “trim” black. And by trim, I’m talking about the fascia boards and maybe even your soffits. The fascia boards are those boards that run along your roofline and behind the guttering. The soffit is what’s on the bottom of the overhangs. If you decide to paint these areas black, it will create a lot of contrast. So be sure this is the look you want before moving forward.

Here are some of our favorite black paint colors that would work well for black trim:

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is one of my favorite dark paint colors. It is considered a soft black or dark gray and has subtle navy and green undertones. We used this color on our back porches, including the fascia and soffits.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

If you are looking for something darker for your trim, I would recommend Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. Since it has an LRV of 3, it is very close to true black.

Will the Trend Continue?

White houses with black trim are having a major moment right now but whether or not they’ll remain popular in years to come remains to be seen. No matter what, though, this timeless color combination looks great on all types of homes no matter their style or size.

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