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Ideas to Make a Kid’s Bedroom Fun and Trendy

I don’t know about you all, but if your children are anything like ours, they love to take part in decorating their own bedroom. It’s fun to bring them in on the process, but sometimes their ideas may not be always on board with what we were thinking. The bright purple wall color or basketball print wallpaper may be a bit too much. Although we may not always be on the same page, we can include our children in the design process by giving them some fun and trendy suggestions that may be a great fit for their room.

Here are a few ideas that can be included in a kid’s bedroom to create a fun environment, while not stepping into the tacky zone. As much as we want to remember our pink carpeted bedrooms as being stylish, they probably were more on the tacky side.

Hopefully, with a few of these ideas, you can find a medium that will be both fun and trendy. Most children will find that parents can have some pretty cool ideas that will make their rooms awesome.

Built-In Beds or Bunks

You know this is one of our favorites considering this was one of our favorite projects this past year. Built-in bunk beds are such a fun, creative way to add to a kid’s bedroom. Not only do they allow more space, but they can also add storage and sometimes even fun hideouts and play areas.

Built-in beds can be custom made or even DIYed to exactly what the owner prefers and wants. This would allow for both children and parents to have input on the design.


Swings are such a fun addition to any child’s room. Not only are they usable, but they are very cool looking. I have seen single seat swings, bed swings, and even hammock swings included in a bedroom design.

Designed By: Murphy Design

This swing feature gives extra seating, a place to lounge, and is aesthetically pleasing. A swing definitely gives a bedroom a unique and fun element.

Accent Walls/Wallpaper

Sometimes a color choice may be a hard thing to decide on. Most kids are searching for bolder colors, while the parents are looking for more subtle fun ones. An idea would be to add an accent wall or some fun wallpaper.

Designed By: Three Bird Renovations

This will allow for going a little bolder, but not on every wall. This would be a great compromise that would add lots of fun at the same time. Here is a great example of wallpaper that adds to the overall design while adding in lots of fun!

Fun Lighting and Decor

Another way to add some “fun” to a bedroom is with unique light fixtures and trendy decor. Allowing the children to be a part of picking out lighting, bedding, and decor for his/her bedroom may be just enough.

This is an inexpensive way to add lots of creativity to the room without doing tons of work. A few fun pillows, unique light fixtures, and a cool rug can go a long way.

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