Five Things Every Entryway Needs

Design: Studio McGee

An entryway is such an important part of your home. Its where your guests come and go. It’s the first and last place they see when visiting. Its very important to make this area not only beautiful, but welcoming to your guests.

This area doesn’t have to be overflowing with too many decor pieces, but I do feel there are a few design elements that are essential in making a great entryway.

Our current entryway isn’t huge, but I wanted to try and include a few of these key pieces. I wanted to keep it simple, but make sure and add in pieces that still make it inviting and interesting to look at.

Bench or Accent Table

A bench or accent table is always my starting point when designing the decor in an entryway or foyer. A bench allows a place to sit and is very usable within this area. Normally, this is where you will put on and take off your shoes, so a bench not only looks good, but it is functional and just makes sense.

Our foyer bench has not only served as a focus accent piece, but a great conversation piece. We purchased a live edge bench that is stunning. The best thing about the bench is that is was very inexpensive. High end decor doesn’t have to be pricey.

Another great piece to add to an entryway would be an accent table. An accent table will allow a focal point to decorate around and house other decor and lamps. It will also be a place to utilize as storage.


A rug is normally my next go to decor piece with putting together an entryway. Rugs are great places to add color and texture to an area. I do hate covering up beautiful flooring, but there is just something about a rug. It creates such a homey feel that an entryway needs.

Our rug was purchased from Target. It displays some texture while still keeping with our neutral color palette.


I love having a window in the entryway to allow light in and open things up. But, if you don’t have windows, the next best thing is a mirror. The mirror allows the space to seem more open. The bigger mirror the better for this area, like the mirror in this entryway designed by Raquel Langworthy.

Design: Ursino Interiors Photo: Raquel Langworthy

We chose a larger gold framed mirror. This brought a little elegance into this area.


Lighting is also another element you must include in an entryway. Some choose to go with a very decorative overhead light or chandelier. But if you have only recess lighting in the area, you may want to go with a decorative lamp on the accent table. Lighting will add so much warmth and make any entryway welcoming.

This entryway table styled by House Seven Design is a great example!

Design: House Seven Design

Decor and Pillows

After these five components and pieces are put together, you can start adding the other decor items. Pillows, artwork, and even greenery are all acceptable and great options for an entryway.

We added some pillows to our bench for some color, texture, and warmth to the our entryway. This also made the area feel cozy and more welcoming.

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