Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas

We did a little redecorating in one of our upstairs bedrooms and wanted to share some girl bedroom decor ideas we used in this project. This bedroom was my son’s room and he decided to move to the basement. You know how teenage boys are with wanting their own space. We then decided the upstairs bedroom would be a great place for our daughter when she comes home from college. I happen to think it’s the best bedroom in the house since it has an 11ft vaulted ceiling and plenty of natural light.

Needless to say, we had to make a few changes to make it fit with our daughter’s style. We didn’t want to spend much money. So we ended up using some decor items that were already there and added in a few new items.

Here’s a breakdown of what we added to our daughter’s new bedroom and some other girl bedroom decor ideas.

Ligthing and Lamps

The first thing we did to give the room a different look was to change out the lamps. I feel like every bedroom needs a couple of beautiful lamps, but a girl’s room needs some classy lamps! I purchased two of the Montreal Wren white lamps from Target that had more of a glossy finish. It was also essential to add a lighter colored lamp considering the bedroom already had lots of black and a few wood accents.

Another idea is to add a girly chandelier or pendant light. We chose to save money and leave the black one that already existed, but I think it ended looking pretty good. If we were to change out the light, I would either have gone with a brass finish or even a textured lighter woven pendant light. Keep in mind, if you have a larger room or vaulted ceilings, the fixture must be proportional to the room.

Bedding and Pillows

Bedding and Pillows are also two great ways to add in a touch of femininity. By using soft and plush textures with lighter colors such as whites, creams, and even pinks the room easily transformed into a definite girly space.

Considering it is fall and will be winter soon, we chose a warmer cream comforter much like this Threshold Cotton Velvet one from Target. I also threw in a few pink pillows and even a couple of leopard print ones for fun.

Wall Art and Mirrors

Wall art always gives a bedroom a finished look. Art is also a way to add in some color, but we chose to keep it simple since our daughter is older. We added two black and white Botanical Sketched Framed Wall
on the side of each window. We had already added in a touch of pink and a few patterns and wanted to keep the style more minimalistic.

Behind the bed is a great place to hang a mirror. Here we chose to use a round mirror with a gold frame to add more interest since we already had so much black. Anyway, what girl doesn’t like gold touches here and there.


A rug is another place to either add color or personality. Considering we didn’t want any color added into the room, and not to mention it was cheaper, we ended up keeping the Project 62 Diamond Patterned Rug from Target that we already had. I think the black and white ended up tying all the other elements together.

With this little transformation, we ended up saving some money but achieving the end goal we wanted. I would have probably changed a few things here and there, but I’m pleased with the overall project. I hope you got some ideas for your next girl bedroom to remodel and see it doesn’t have to be elaborate to make it look good.

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