How to Style an Entryway Table

It’s always important to make a good first impression! Since your foyer or entryway is typically the first thing that people see when they come into your home, it’s important that this space looks amazing! The best way to create an amazing entryway is to have a properly styled entryway table, every detail is meticulous from the baskets underneath to the elegant artwork or mirror behind.

In this article, I’m going to share some tips for achieving this!

How to Decorate an Entryway Table

Starting with the perfect bottom layer is where it all begins. You want to make sure you have a table that is proportional to your entryway. Nothing too big or too small. It is also important to get the material and color that looks and works best for your area.

For example, in our foyer, we have lighter-colored wood flooring, so we wanted some contrast and went with a darker table. The legs of the table are black iron which ties in the lighting and stair balusters.

After choosing the perfect console table, you can decide whether you can utilize the underneath of the table. This is a great place to place taller baskets that can be used for storage and looks great as well. Not to mention, they can hide lamp cords if the table is pretty open underneath.

Entryway Focal Point

The next step is finding a large mirror or piece of art. This will become the focal point of this vignette and be the starting place of all other decor items.

Using a large mirror is really good for this type of area because the light reflection will allow the room to appear larger. If you have taller ceilings and the area is already large enough, you make think about an interesting piece of art.

Although we do have taller ceilings, we went with an elegant brass-framed round mirror. We chose the brass to add some glam and to mix up the material and metals a little. I’m still contemplating whether I want to replace the mirror with an even larger one or add a large framed piece of art painted by Henry.

Style Your Entryway with Lamps

Lamps are always a must in an entryway. It’s important to add height, and a large lamp is a great way to achieve this. It can also create a cozy feel which is also important as someone enters your home.

In our entryway, we went with a large concrete lamp with a white shade. The concrete adds some texture and the white shade helps keep that space light and airy.

Create Balance

An entryway table should be balanced but this doesn’t mean that you have to have two identical lamps on each end of the table. Although, that is certainly an option.

You can create balance by adding height to the other side in the form of a vase with some type of greenery. If you need additional height, you can stack a couple of books and place the vase on top of them. This is also a great way to add additional interest to the table.

The In Between

Some think the in-between can be a little tricky, but it is actually pretty simple. Do not add too much, you don’t want it to look cluttered. Also, keep the height of these middle items relatively low so they do not obstruct the view of your focal point (the mirror or artwork).

Here you can use a shallow bowl or tray, and place some fun items in it. In our foyer, I used a white bowl and a string of light-colored wooden beads. The width of these items fills the space without making it look cluttered.

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