Stylish and Functional Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

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Looking to spruce up your kitchen island countertop? Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just cooking a meal for your family, it’s always nice to have a beautiful kitchen space. After all, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. So it should look its best! And the island is a great place to start when styling your kitchen. Here are some kitchen island decor ideas that will help you turn your kitchen into a space you will love!

Decorating with Large Bowls

When it comes to decorating with large bowls on kitchen islands, there are endless options. You could get creative and mix different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and materials in order to create an eye-catching display.

But I like to use a single large bowl because it provides form and function. It gives you a decor piece on your kitchen island that can also act as storage. But this doesn’t mean it should turn into your second junk drawer. Only place items in your large bowl that look nice, like fruit.

When it comes to the color and material of large bowls on a kitchen island, I like to keep things neutral. But that shouldn’t limit your design choices. Think contrast and texture. For texture, you can use a large wooden or wicker bowl. Or use a large black bowl to add a pop of contrast. Brass is also another good material option if you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Use a Vase as a Focal Point

When using a large vase as a decorative element for your kitchen island, there are several things to consider. First, you need to choose the right size for the space. The larger the area, the bigger the vase will need to be. You’ll also want to consider shape and color when selecting a vase. Round and oval shapes work best for most designs, while colors should be chosen according to your existing décor. I prefer a neutral color palette, but there are still plenty of design options if you go neutral. I also like to create contrast by using a black or dark base in a predominantly light kitchen.

When adding items to your vase, think about what type of statement you’d like it to make. If you’d like something simple yet elegant, try adding in some fresh flowers or branches of greenery. Or you would prefer something more low maintenance, there are some really good faux options out there. You can also choose items that match the season. Use colorful leaves in autumn or hydrangea stems in the summertime!

Placement is also important. If you don’t have a sink or cooktop in the center of your island, this is where you should place the large vase. In our kitchen, we have a sink in the center, so I place my large vases on the left or right side of the island, about halfway between the sink and the edge.

Decorate with Trays

Trays are another one of my favorite items to use on a kitchen island countertop. A large wooden tray adds warmth to the space and gives you plenty of styling options. You can keep it simple by placing a few dishes on the tray or create a more collected look with plates, bowls, and different-sized vintage vases.

Fresh Baked Goods

One of my favorite kitchen island decor ideas is to display some fresh baked goods. But we all know they are not just for looks! There’s nothing better than having some delicious muffins or cookies readily available for family members or visitors to enjoy. I like to place them on a covered wooden dessert stand. That way, they stay fresh and look great on your kitchen island.

Cutting Boards

If you have a large island, this means you have a lot of surface area to work with. Our island is 10 feet by 4 feet. So to fill in some of that space, I use cutting boards. This adds some visual interest to the island and also texture and warmth. Since a cutting board by itself won’t add any height, you can place things on top or beside the cutting board like a vase, candles, or a container filled with cooking utensils.

Add Candles for Height

Tall candles on candle holders are a great way to add height to your kitchen island. I like to use candles in my kitchen island decor during the holidays. I place them on tall brass candle holders, which adds a subtle festive touch to our kitchen. When lit, they create a cool ambiance and if scented, they can fill the space with a wonderful fragrance.

Keep it Simple

“Less is more” is what we always say when it comes to designing. So this also applies to decorating a kitchen island. Keep it simple, and don’t overdo it. The key is to create a visually appealing kitchen island without making it look cluttered. So fight the urge to place too many decor items on your island. After all, you still need to use your island surface for things like preparing meals and eating if you have island stools.

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