Our Favorite Kitchen Island Stools

I don’t know about you, but kitchen island stools (also known as bar or counter stools) might be some of my favorite pieces of furniture. It could have something to do with the kitchen being my favorite room, but I also love how there are so many different styles to choose from. However, this can make it very difficult to choose the right one!

About a year ago we moved into our house, and I was so happy with the way our kitchen looked, even before it was decorated. So when it came to picking out the perfect stools for our island, I felt a lot of pressure to get it right.

I spent a lot of time shopping around for stools that would complete the look of our kitchen, and in the process, I learned a lot. So in this article, I’m going to share some tips with you to hopefully make your search for the perfect bar stool or counter stool a little easier.

Our Favorite Stools for a Kitchen Island

Here are some of our favorite kitchen island stools. These are stools of different heights, materials, and costs. Feel free to browse and see if there is one that fits your style!

Classic Cafe Bar and Counter Stool by West Elm

The Classic Cafe Bar and Counter Stool by West Elm is the perfect addition to any kitchen that needs some warmth. With its rich warm finish, it is easily integrated into either modern or traditional decor.

Slope Leather Bar and Counter Stool by West Elm

The West Elm Sloped Leather Bar and Counter Stool exemplifies modern luxury and design. Crafted with a distinctive sloped silhouette, this stool is upholstered in leather that adds a touch of sophistication and comfort. Its clean lines and elegant structure make it a perfect fit for contemporary bar or kitchen settings, offering both style and practicality.

Hardy Leather Bar and Counter Stool by Pottery Barn

The Hardy Leather Bar and Counter Stool by Pottery Barn is a testament to classic craftsmanship and refined style. Made with top-grade leather and a metal frame, it offers enduring comfort and stability. The stool’s rich leather upholstery, combined with its elegant, straightforward design, makes it a luxurious yet functional addition to any bar or kitchen counter, embodying Pottery Barn’s signature blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality.

Malibu Woven Bar and Counter Stool by Pottery Barn

The Malibu Bar and Counter Stool from Pottery Barn is a beautifully handcrafted piece. Artisan-made, it features a sturdy wood frame hand-woven with a natural seagrass cord, creating a unique, organic texture. This stool option not only great for the perfect seating option but also brings a touch of rustic charm to any bar or kitchen counter, embodying a perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Riviera Rattan Bar and Counter Stool by Serena & Lily

The Riviera Rattan Bar and Counter Stool by Serena and Lily is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and natural beauty. Drawing inspiration from the classic Parisian bistro seats, each stool features a hand-bent rattan frame, embodying an artistic and timeless design. These chairs are not just furniture but stories in themselves, celebrating the unique character of the materials and the artisan’s touch. The natural maturing of the rattan adds distinctive marks, making each piece a unique testament to both tradition and elegance.

Kitchen Island Stool Height

The first thing you need to do is figure out what height you need. There are three typical sizes when it comes to stools. These three normally fall into the category of a counter stool being between 24-26″ high, regular bar stool height at around 30″, and extra tall bar stools anywhere between 34-36″.

Counter Stools24-26” high
Bar Stools30” high
Extra Tall Bar Stools34-36” high

Of course, no one wants a bar stool or counter stool that is too short or too high, so it is important to figure out your island height. A typical countertop height is around 36″ high in which a counter stool would work perfectly. If your counter is higher around 40″, I would then go with the bar stool height. If for some reason the surface is unusually high, I would recommend going with the extra-tall bar stools.

Island Stool Material

The next thing to look at and consider is the type of material of the bar stool or counter stool. There are all sorts of different materials when it comes to the make-up of a bar stool. Everywhere from metal, wood, wicker, and upholstered. It all depends on the look you are going for and what best fits the overall style of your kitchen area.

island stools

It is important when looking at different materials, to keep in mind what other materials you already have in the kitchen. If you have wood flooring and lots of other wood details, you may want to mix it up and go with a different material on the stools.

We chose to go with a leather-look upholstered stool with black metal legs. The darker leather perfectly complemented the lighter-colored wood in the room, but yet added in more warmth and richness. The black metal legs tied in with our black pendants and interior black windows. We chose to mix it up some, but also keep with the same style.

Style Vs Function

Although it is very important to get a stool for your kitchen island that looks great, it is also important to get one that is functional. Several things to keep in mind when shopping around for stools from comfort to durability. Comfort is pretty important if you are like us and use the kitchen island for more than just eating. We find ourselves using our island for studying and working as well. It would also be a good idea to keep in mind durability if you plan on the bar stools getting lots of use.

Kitchen Island Stool Cost

After you narrow down exactly what type of stool fits your needs, the price point will either break or seal the deal. I do think it is worth paying a little more in order to get a good-quality stool. If not, you may find yourself on the floor or having no stools at all due to breakage.

I also don’t think you should go overboard. Shopping around and finding a marked down high-quality bar stool might be your best bet. Also, try searching places such as TJ Max and Overstock where the prices are a little lower, but still, carry great name brands.

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