Sherwin Williams Oakmoss

Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is a rich and timeless paint color that will add an inviting ambiance to any room. The color green is known to have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it a great choice for spaces where relaxation and rejuvenation are a priority. We used this paint color on a built-in bunk bed project that we did for my nephews, and they absolutely love it – the bunk bed and the color!

What color is Sherwin Williams Oakmoss?

Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is a light but warm sage green. It is the perfect balance between a deep, earthy brown and vibrant green tones, creating an elegant yet cozy atmosphere when used in the home. According to Sherwin Williams, it is a deep, cheery green that will add a smile to your space.

Oakmoss Stats

Hex Value#65684C
Undertonesgray, yellow
Color CollectionColormix Forecast 2021
Color FamilyGreen
Location Number213-C6

What is the LRV of Sherwin Williams Oakmoss?

LRV(light reflectance value) measures the amount of usable and visible light that reflects from a paint surface. Basically it tells the amount of light a paint color reflects. The LRV of Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is 13.34. Keep in mind that pure white has an LRV of 100 and 0 is an absolute black. Oakmoss being on the lower part of the spectrum means that is on the darker side with not much light reflectancy.

Is Oakmoss a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Overall, Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is a warm green paint color. It has warm undertones, which we will discuss more below.

What are the Undertones of Sherwin Williams Oakmoss?

Sherwin Williams Oakmoss is an incredibly versatile paint color, with its undertones offering a multitude of design possibilities. It has warm, yellow-gray undertones that give it an earthy feel. The color can be used to add warmth and depth to a space, while also providing a calming atmosphere. It works especially well in more traditional styles of decorating, bringing out the beauty of wood tones and other earthy colors.

Best Places to Use Sherwin Williams Oakmoss

This paint is great for accent walls or built-ins. Since Oakmoss is on the darker side of the spectrum, it is best to use this color in a room that gets plenty of natural light. Especially if you plan on using it on the entire room. What truly sets this shade apart from others is its ability to complement both light and dark colors without overpowering them. When used strategically, Oakmoss can become the focal point of a room while still maintaining balance and harmony between all of its components.

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Sample Before You Paint

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