Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Design: Studio McGee

In this article, we will be looking at Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. Is it the right white paint color for your home? Answering this question will depend on several factors, like the amount of natural light each room in your home gets and your own personal taste and style. That’s why we like to share all the vital info about different paint colors – to help you decide when choosing the right one for your home. So let’s dive in and take a closer look at this warm white paint color.

What color is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee?

According to Benjamin Moore, Swiss Coffee is “An essential white with just the right amount of warmth.” It is a soft creamy white but not overly yellow. This makes it ideal for spaces that need some warmth. And it can work with any interior design style like cottage, traditional, or farmhouse. It’s a highly versatile white paint color.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 Stats

Hex Value#EDEAE0
Undertonesgray, yellow, green
Color CollectionOff White

What is the LRV of Swiss Coffee?

Swiss Coffee has an LRV of 81.91. LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, and it’s a measurement of the amount of light a surface or color reflects. The higher the number, the lighter the color. An LRV of 100 is pure white, while a value of 0 is absolute black. As its LRV value indicates, Swiss Coffee is not the brightest white paint color out there, but it is still high enough to make a space feel brighter and lighter.

Is Swiss Coffee a Warm or Cool Paint Color?

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee is definitely a warm paint color. In fact, there is no coolness to this color at all. I recommend not painting it with cooler colors, as doing so might make it appear too warm or yellow.

Swiss Coffee Undertones

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee has subtle gray, yellow, and sometimes green undertones. The lighting situation in the space will play a big part in which of these undertones become more noticeable. Yellow will often be the most prominent. And if you are worried about Swiss Coffee looking too yellow. You can always tone it down by having it mixed at 75%. This is what Studio McGee did in their own home.

Where to Use Swiss Coffee?

If you are looking for a white paint color to warm up your interior, Swiss Coffee is a great choice. I recommend it for walls, ceilings, and even trim. Walls and ceiling should be painted in a flat finish, and trim and baseboards should get a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Swiss Coffee is also a good option for kitchen cabinets if you like your kitchen to have a cozy warmth.

This color will also work well on a home’s exterior. It’s a bit darker than Benjamin Moore White Dove and lighter than Sherwin Williams White Duck, two more popular warm white paint colors.

Sample Before You Paint

Before you invest money in gallons of paint, it’s extremely important that you sample several paint color options first. You can do it the old-fashioned way, which is time-consuming and messy. Or you can use Samplize to order large peel-and-stick paint samples with accurate color representation.

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