How to Fold and Style a Throw Blanket

how to fold a throw blanket

Throw blankets are great to have around when you want to snuggle up on the sofa and watch a movie or when you need a little extra warmth on your bed in the winter. But how to you fold a throw blanket or style it when it’s not being used? They do make wonderful decor, adding extra color and texture to the room. Throw blankets can be styled differently depending on the style you are wanting: formal or relaxed. There are several ways to fold or style a throw blanket. Here are a few of my favorites I tend to use around our home.

What is a Throw Blanket?

Throw blankets are smaller than other blankets that are made to fit a bed. They are usually about 50 inches by 60 inches in size. Throw blankets are usually made from soft, warm materials like wool or fleece, and they often have decorative designs or patterns. While throw blankets are often used for decoration, they can also be helpful for staying warm in drafty rooms or during cold weather. Some people even use throw blankets as bedcovers, since they are often softer and more comfortable than regular blankets.

Corner Throw Blankets

This can be implemented on a chair, sofa, or any sitting piece of furniture that has a corner. The corner is basically what you see in the picture below. There are normally two ways I like to place a throw on the corner of the furniture. One way is to place it organically, allowing the throw to drape over the back and front of the area.

I also like the look of placing a throw across the corner of a sectional allowing each side to drape down. Again, this should be done in an organic way. I like to add some pillows on top for a little coziness and texture.

Over the Back Throw

An over-the-back throw is basically mimicking the corner with or without pillows, typically without at this location. If you want to go more formal, there is also an over-the-back fold. It’s your choice to do one fold for making the throw cover more space or fold multiple times for a layered look. And of course, it would cover less of the furniture piece.

Over the Arm Throw

I typically would go for a smaller fold on the arm of a chair or sofa, but this is up to you. Using a throw on the arm is especially good when the side of the furniture piece is the first thing you see when coming into the room. A throw blanket in this location is a great way to add color, texture, and layers to draw the eye.

Basket Throw

Placing a throw in a basket can be great for storage, but can also add some visual appeal to any room. You can drape the throw over the basket or just allow it to peak through. Either way will add interest and texture while also being functional.

Bench or Chaise Throw

Placing a throw blanket over a bench or chaise is a great way to add some coziness to a room. Again, draping the throw blanket should look and feel organic, while folding it will create a more formal look.

Bed Throws

I also love placing throws across my bed. Not only does this add another layer of texture, but gives you access to another blanket when it’s a little colder. If you’re like us, it could be for your dog who sleeps at the foot of the bed each night and sometimes during the day.

A bed throw is not a bed blanket, although I love to make sure and have one of those as well. A bed throw is normally placed on top of the other layers on your bed to add texture and color. It also can either be organically placed or if you like the more formal look folding will also work.

Cozy Throw Blankets

Now that you know how to fold a throw blanket, here are a few of my favorites! They are mostly neutral but a few of them come in a variety of colors you can choose from.

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