Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity Mirror

bathroom vanity mirror

Choosing a bathroom vanity mirror can sometimes be an afterthought when designing a bathroom. But I think it is best to choose your mirror or mirrors early in the design process as it will allow you to create a more cohesive design. The size of your mirror will determine your wall sconce placement and the material of the mirror should play a role in what material you choose for your vanity hardware.

Here are some tips for choosing the best mirror for your bathroom vanity and a collection of some of our favorites.

Selecting the Right Size for Your Bathroom Vanity Mirror

The very first thing you want to determine when choosing a bathroom vanity mirror is what size you will need. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the mirror needs to be proportional to the vanity and the room itself. For example, if you have a double vanity you will want to go with one larger mirror or as we did, two larger ones and separate them with a wall sconce. If you have two single vanities, the mirrors will be proportional to those.

Another thing to think about is the ceiling height. I love taller vanity mirrors and with 10-foot ceilings, we opted for taller mirrors. Not to mention, Henry isn’t short so this allows him to fully use the mirror.

Determining the Look and Finish

You will then want to decide on what look and frame color if any, you will want to use for the mirror. You will want the mirror to mimic the overall design of the bathroom, but this is also a place where you can go bold and also be creative. There are many styles and shapes to choose from, so it can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what look you are going for.

For our home, we decided on black framed single mirrors for our double vanity. We wanted more of a sleek, classic look while keeping more traditional. I personally love using framed mirrors in a bathroom to add more detail.

Here are a few of my favorite mirrors that you may want to consider for your bathroom vanity.

Pottery Barn Rectangular Slim Mirror

A very popular bathroom vanity mirror is this Kensington Rectangular Slim Mirror from Pottery Barn. This is a timeless mirror that comes in a variety of frame finishes including matte black and brass. The mirror is 42” in height which is perfect for a bathroom with taller ceilings.

Pottery Barn Vintage Double Wide Mirror

If you are looking for a larger mirror to fill an entire double vanity space, this Vintage Double Wide Mirror from Pottery Barn is perfect. It also comes in an array of frame finishes to go with most designs. This 60” long mirror is made with a simplistic design approach that will add sophistication and elegance to your bathroom.

Pottery Barn Round Mirror

Everyone loves a good round vanity mirror like the Pottery Barn Linden Round Mirror. It is offered in a few select frame finishes and also two sizes including 19” and 30”. This mirror offers a clean and simple design while also adding a rustic-modern look with its slim frame.

Pottery Barn Vintage Pivot Mirror

Another great look for a vanity mirror is going with a pivot mirror. The Vintage Rounded Rectangular Pivot Mirror from Pottery Barn comes in two sizes and several frame finishes to meet any design needs. A pivoting design allows you to adjust the mirror to maximize your view while also offering added detail on the frame.

Threshold Wood Frame Rectangle Mirror

Some bathrooms need more warmth and wood. The Threshold Wood Frame Rectangle Mirror is the perfect selection if you are looking for a wood-framed mirror to coordinate with your bathroom design. It is a walnut finish and measures 22”x30”.

Pottery Barn Concrete Rectangular Mirror

This Concrete Rectangular Mirror from Pottery Barn is definitely a unique, bold mirror that would look amazing when incorporated into a bathroom design. It comes in several different concrete frame finishes to fit your style while each has an angular frame with beveled edges.

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    I really want to have a vanity space in my bathroom. So I’m saving up to have it renovated. Thanks as well for these mirror choices and I especially like the concrete design border since it gives off a chic yet simple look.

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