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How to Choose the Perfect Accent Chair for Your Room

Maiden Home Mercer Accent Chair

What is exactly is an accent chair? An accent chair is a seat that not only has functionality but also compliments the decor of the room. An accent chair can come in a variety of different colors, patterns, and even materials which in return allows it to be a great focal point or just add some contrast to a room. Here are a few things that will help you choose the perfect accent chair for your space.

How Will the Accent Chair Be Used?

First, decide where the chair will be used. For example, if the chair is in a bedroom, it will normally be used for getting dressed or maybe a place to drape clothes. For this type of chair, you probably won’t be looking for comfort. It will definitely be more for looks. Although, when an accent chair is being used in a library or living area, you may really want to think a little more about comfort as well as looks. I wouldn’t want to be reading my favorite book or sitting for a long period of time in a stiff chair, would you?

Although you don’t want to get an accent chair mixed up with an armchair. An armchair is mostly used in living areas and is mostly in the same color and material as the sofa. An accent chair is one used for giving the room some contrast and personality. You can use both armchairs and accent chairs in the same area and sometimes an accent chair can be an armchair.

Size of the Chair

I think that the size of the chair also depends on where the chair will be located and what your plans are for using it. Again, I wouldn’t want to fit myself into a very small, uncomfortable chair when trying to relax. I would prefer an oversized chair that has plenty of room to stretch out and be comfortable. If the chair is solely for looks, this would not matter.

Material and Color

Once you figure out what the chair will be used for and what size you need, now it’s time to choose a material and color. There are an array of materials and colors out there that can be very overwhelming.

Choosing the material is the easy one for me. I normally go with a material that is not already in the room. I like something completely different than what is already there. For example, our sectional in our living room has a linen material. So I chose to go with leather mixed with black metal for the chairs. If you already have leather, you may want to go with a different material on the chair or chairs.

Choosing the color of an accent chair can be a difficult choice. Do you like bold and fun or more sleek and subtle? I have a thing for natural materials and neutral colors. So I tend to go with leather accent chairs, and I love the way real leather ages. But if you’re into color don’t be afraid to go bold and let your personality come through. If you feel like a room or space needs a pop of color, an accent chair is an excellent way to do it.

Our Favorite Accent Chairs

I have chosen some of our favorite accent chairs for you to browse. Our number one pick is the Maiden Home Mercer Chair which we have in our living area. As I mentioned before, I am drawn to neutral-colored accent chairs that offer more personality in the shape and material. This will allow the chair to be more versatile and hopefully, longer-lasting to any design changes the room may undergo.

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