How to Organize a Junk Drawer

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As much as we don’t want to admit it, we all have one: a drawer somewhere in our kitchen that catches all the small items. Whether it be a hairband, paperclip, pencil, or a dime, we just toss it into the junk drawer.

While this is very easy to do in the moment, its not that great when you have to find one of these items. Its also very embarrassing when you have someone over and your child opens this drawer. This always happens! Shouldn’t everyone know that is the one drawer that is off limits when people are over.

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Why do we accumulate so many small items in one place that ends up looking like a disaster area? Well, because we don’t have a quick designated place to put them. I’m going to show a way to organize your junk drawer so it doesn’t look so junky!

Step 1: Seperate & Sort

The first thing I did was take everything out of the drawer, and separate it all into piles. This allowed me to easily see what needed to stay in the junk drawer, what needed to be put somewhere else in the house, and what just needed to be trashed.

Some recommended piles may be money/change, pencils/pens, paperclips, hair accessories. sunglasses, batteries, and iPhone accessories. This is just a few of my sorting categories. I actually really lucked up while I was sorting and became twelve dollars and eighteen cents richer…yippee!

Step 2: Purge

After I had everything sorted and separated, I found so many items that were out of place. I mean, this is a junk drawer, not a toy bin. I found things like legos and squishy toys. And why was there a whoopie cushion in our junk drawer!?

The purpose of the junk drawer is to store various small and often needed items. It’s an easy, quick place to put these small items when emptying your pockets or finding something on the floor. I repeat, it’s not a toy bin!

Make sure before moving on, you purge and get rid of unwanted items. Some need to be trashed and other things put up in a designated place. I had to put an entire pile of legos in the toy room and trashed several bouncy balls.

Step 3: Place Into Organized Container

We found a wood container at my favorite store of course, Target. You could get creative and use multiple storage pieces, but the one we purchased is one piece that expanded. We found it in the kitchen section and is made for storing silverware. But it worked perfectly for what we needed and it looks very stylish.

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organzier

Now, the hardest part of the whole process is keeping your junk drawer organized. You have designated areas for each thing you feel fits in this drawer. If it is trash or an item that belongs somewhere else, don’t be lazy, put it where it goes. This will keep this drawer organized and useful when you need an item that is in it. I think it’s fine to leave a little extra area for adding something, but try your best to keep it looking neat and only use it for items that are small and items that a frequently needed.

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