Five Tips on Organizing a Pantry

My pantry was way overdue for some organization! I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I needed a little help getting it cleaned up, cleaned out, and organized. Thanks to The Home Edit organization containers at Walmart, I solved all my pantry needs. Walmart had everything I needed and made the process so much easier with quick ordering and shipping. I am now going to take you all through the process and share five tips on how to organize a pantry.

Clean Out

The very first step was to clean out the pantry. This allowed me to do several things. It first allowed me to check dates and get rid of unwanted or out-of-date items. It also gave me a chance to see what we have and what we need to stock up on.


While checking out what we already had and what we need to stock up on, I was able to get a good idea of what kind of storage containers I could use. For instance, if you have more cereal and larger boxes, you would want to order more of the larger containers than those with more prepackaged snacks.

When getting a good idea of what storage units I needed, I then went to Walmart and found The Home Edit storage containers that were perfect for what I needed and were looking for. They are stackable, stackable clear containers that offered several sizes and options.

I started with two 5 Piece Pantry Sets, added a pack of 4 Large Canister Sets, and a 10” Turnable for spices.

Group Similar Foods Together

After you get your organization containers you can then think about how you want to organize your pantry. I think it makes sense to group similar food items together. For instance, I grouped snacks together on the first shelf. This consisted of larger cereal boxes for keeping the cereal fresh and smaller containers for things like m&m’s, trail mix, and peanuts. I also had bins for pre-packaged snacks such as cookies, chips, and gummies.

I then had a separate shelf for canned items. I used a 3 tier riser to stack the cans so they would be visible and easier to locate at the time of usage.

Use Clear Containers

Another great tip is to use clear storage containers. Using clear containers helps you to see what is in the container and also how much is left. This makes it easier when looking for food and also when buying food and preparing to cook. Some people like to also label the containers.

This is a personal preference, but I truly don’t think it’s necessary especially when you are using clear containers.

Stack Plastic Containers

Using stackable plastic containers allows you to have more space within your pantry. If you are like me and have teenagers, you need all the space you can get. I used stackable, smaller containers for things such as smaller candy items, granola, bite-sized cookies, and nuts.

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