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    How to Fold Towels

    It’s not often that you hear someone get really excited about the art of folding towels. However, in today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you a topic that might seem not so important but is incredibly valuable in our daily lives: towel folding. Yes, you heard it right! We’re going to talk about how to fold towels neatly, efficiently, and stylishly.

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    Our Favorite Decorative Wall Hooks

    There is something so satisfying about finding the perfect spot for each and every one of your belongings in your home. It’s like a little puzzle piece that just fits, and when it does, everything feels right in the world. One of our favorite ways to organize our space is by using decorative wall hooks. They add functionality and style all at once! We’ve rounded up our favorite decorative wall hooks to help you find just the right ones for your home!

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    Five Tips on Organizing a Pantry

    My pantry was way overdue for some organization! I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I needed a little help getting it cleaned up, cleaned out, and organized. Thanks to The Home Edit organization containers at Walmart, I solved all my pantry needs. Walmart had everything I needed and made the process so much easier with quick ordering and shipping. I am now going to take you all through the process and share five tips on how to organize a pantry.

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    Our Favorite Mudroom Hooks

    There are so many mudroom hooks available that it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one that fits your style. We’ve looked at too many to count, especially when we were trying to find hooks for our mudroom lockers. But we saved the links to all of our favorites and in this article, we’re sharing them with you.

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    Ways to Give Your Home a Refresh for the New Year

    A new year is a great time to give your home a refresh and make it feel like new again. This is something I try to tackle every year after the holidays. I like to take down all my Christmas decor and set aside a couple of days to do some freshening up around the outside and inside of the house.