Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Looking for a little inspiration when it comes to coffee table decor? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas to help get you started. From greenery and stems to trays and books, there are plenty of ways to add personality and style to your coffee table. So take a look and get inspired!

Coffee Table Books

I absolutely love using decorative books! I seriously use books everywhere including my coffee tables. They not only make great decor but they can also be utilized. What better item to have on your coffee table than a book with beautiful pictures to inspire you and your guests? There is also something about a book that just screams cozy to me.

Books can be used to create height with smaller objects or they can just be stacked alone. It also helps to use books of different sizes to create nice interest. I normally try to find books that I love and think others would as well. Books with beautiful pictures and colors are always a plus.

Greenery or Stems

As always, I enjoy using some type of greenery or stems within the coffee table arrangement. This greenery or stems can be changed out with the season if you like. The greenery can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.

Using a nice vase with greenery or stems could be a focal point in the center of the table. On the simpler side of things, you could add a few green leaves or shorter stems to a small pot or tray.

Contrasting Material and Texture

It is important to mix up the material within your tablescape arrangement. This will create interest and texture. For example, I normally try and use the opposite material to create my design than what the coffee table is itself.

I have a black metal coffee table in my living room, so I use lighter-colored woods, vases, and trays to create a nice contrast against the black metal. I also love incorporating different types of materials as well such as woven baskets and ceramic vases.

Elements of Varying Heights

As I have already mentioned, elements of varying heights are very important when creating the look you want. This height variation will give the arrangement some depth and also create the interest it needs for the center of your living area. Again, this can be done by using just a few simple objects, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. I normally stick with one larger centerpiece for something taller then add some smaller objects of different sizes, shapes, and heights.

Keep It Simple

The biggest key to decorating a coffee table is to not overdo it. This means keeping it simple and making sure it doesn’t look cluttered. Starting with one large object and then adding just a few others to compliment it is all you really need. The goal is to create a simple, but well-designed arrangement as your living area centerpiece. Have fun with it and express your style while keeping things cohesive with the other parts of your room.

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