Beautiful House and Shutter Color Combinations

Choosing the right house and shutter color combinations can be tricky. But if you get it right, your home will stand out in the best way possible. From muted neutrals to bolder hues, there are many options when it comes to matching your house and shutter colors. When choosing the perfect house and shutter color combination, keep in mind to choose colors that complement each other. But also choose colors that reflect your personality. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more modern, here is a guide to help you find the perfect color combination.

Where to Start?

Consider shopping around and researching different options before making a decision. You may even find yourself inspired by another homeowner’s design or use a tool that will allow you to see your home in a certain color combination visually online. If you are in an area with lots of new development, you may even choose to ride around and look at some examples in your own neighborhood or city.

Benjamin Moore White Dove and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

A combination that we used on our most recent flip house is Benjamin Moore White Dove and Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. Henry painted the exterior of the home first in White Dove, and then we decided on a shutter color after he had built the shutters. We waited to choose the shutter color because we wanted to narrow down the choice to two colors. Then we did a test on only one shutter. This saved time and money.

We ended up loving Agreeable Gray against the exterior White Dove. Agreeable Gray added a very subtle contrast that didn’t take away from the other details of the home. Using a slightly different shade of color for the shutters against the white exterior breaks up the starkness and adds character to the overall look of the home.

For maximum effect, choose a shade that is slightly darker than the paint color of your house. This will allow it to stand out just enough to draw attention without being too much contrast. The beauty of this approach is that it allows you to make your house look unique while still achieving a unified aesthetic and simple look.

White on White

No, the heading above is not a typo. It’s actually a thing to paint both the house and shutters a shade of white. This is a popular trend among some of the best designers. If we were to add shutters to your current home, we would paint the shutters Sherwin Williams White Duck, the same as the exterior color. This technique is commonly used on homes that are professionally designed and have lots of architectural interest. And it will work with any popular exterior white paint color.

Using white on both the house and shutters can create a unified, pristine look that stands out and gives the home an undeniable appeal. Having the same shutter color as the exterior also creates a sense of balance and visual harmony. A lot of people prefer a lot of contrast between their house and shutter colors. But it’s undeniable that choosing identical colors can create a clean and luxurious vibe. This approach helps emphasize any architectural features or details of a home, making it appear even more captivating from a distance.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound and Benjamin Moore Blue Heather

Using a unique color for a shutter can provide a beautiful and interesting aesthetic to your home’s exterior. For example, this home at Ally’s beach uses a white exterior similar to Sherwin Williams Snowbound, with the shutters painted in Benjamin Moore Blue Heather. Whether using brighter coastal colors or more classic subdued neutrals, using a unique color on a white exterior adds lots of personality to a home.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Another great combination is choosing an off-white color with a black shutter. A great combination for this is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and Sherwin Willaims Tricorn Black. This shutter and exterior color combination will allow for more of an elegant and classic look. These contrasting colors add a bold look of sophistication and charm to the exterior, emphasizing its simple beauty. The deep, rich color of the shutter adds depth and texture to the home’s exterior. This will make your home eye-catching and stand out from other homes on the street.

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