How To Care for Succulents

Have you ever fallen in love with a succulent? I know I have. There’s something about their plump leaves that just draws you in. But as much as we adore these little plants, taking care of them can be tricky. It’s easy to overwater them, underwater them, or leave them in a spot that’s too dark or too bright. But fear not, fellow succulent lovers! With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your plants thriving and happy. In this article, I’ll be offering some advice on how to care for these delightful little guys!

Lighting Requirements

Succulents are happiest when they receive bright light. Ideally, you will want the succulent placed near a south-facing window that receives plenty of direct sunlight throughout the day—at least 6 hours per day is best. If you don’t have this type of setup, you can supplement it with an artificial grow light or fluorescent light and put on a timer.

A few areas in a house that are great places for succulents are the bathroom or kitchen window seals, bathroom or kitchen countertops that receive lots of sunlight, or a nightstand or side table that is in front of a window. Having the succulent placed where it is receiving bright light will ideally make life easier one you because you will have a thriving plant instead of buying a new one.

Watering Needs

Succulents don’t need much water, but it is important not to let them dry out completely, either. You should water your succulent once every two weeks during the spring and summer growing seasons and once every three weeks in winter when the plant is dormant. When watering, make sure that the soil is evenly moistened all around the pot without any water pooling in the bottom of it; if there is pooling water, pour it off into your sink or onto a nearby plant.

It’s also important to note that different types of succulents may have different watering needs; research what kind of succulents you have so that you can provide proper care accordingly. Most succulents that you buy from your local Lowe’s or plant store will have a plant care tag which will give the name of the plant and care for instructions. This is important to read and will help you in taking care of the plant.

Quick Guide for Caring for Succulents

Lighting Requirements for Succulentsprefer south-facing window, 6 hours of sunlight, plenty of light
Watering a Succulentonce every 2 weeks in spring/summer, once every 3 weeks in winter
Soil soil with excellent drainage, prefer organic matter mixed in
Fertilizingonly during spring through fall, time-to-time

Soil Choices and Fertilizing

Succulents prefer soil with excellent drainage capabilities because they don’t like their roots sitting in moisture all day long—this will lead to root rot and other problems like fungal growth or insect infestations. Be sure to use soil that has plenty of organic matter mixed in (like peat moss or coconut coir) as well as some sand or perlite for added drainage benefits. If using potting mix from your local nursery, make sure that it has been formulated specifically for cacti and succulents; these mixes typically contain more mineral content than regular potting soil, which helps ensure better drainage capabilities along with less risk of nutrient deficiencies. You can also create your own mix by combining equal parts organic matter (peat moss/coconut coir), sand/perlite, and potting soil together before planting your succulent in it!

Although most types of succulents don’t need fertilizing, giving them some extra nutrients from time to time will help them stay healthy and lush. Look for fertilizers specifically designed for cacti or other succulent plants that contain a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilize sparingly; once every 2-3 months should suffice during the growing season (spring through fall). During winter months, when plants aren’t actively growing, it’s best not to fertilize at all since this could actually do more harm than good!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of how to care for succulents. With proper lighting requirements, watering needs, and soil choices all taken into consideration, caring for succulents should be relatively straightforward! Give them enough light and only water them when necessary—but don’t let them dry out completely either—and make sure to use the right type of soil mixture and fertilize for optimal results.

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