Can You Use Indoor Pillows Outdoors?

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We talk often about bringing the outdoors in when referring to plants and greenery, so here is a question. Can we bring the indoors out and use indoor pillows outdoors? I’m sure you have often wondered this and maybe even hesitated to use the same indoor pillows on your porch swing or sectional, but really, can you do this?

My answer is, it depends. There are several factors and things to consider before making the ultimate decision and here are a few.

Location and Time of Year

If you are like me, pillows are a staple when decorating your home. I am changing out my pillows for different seasons and just anytime I want to create a different look. It’s a great way to change things up without spending a lot of money. I have so many pillows, I have even designated closets and bins to store them.

I do love using my indoor pillows outdoors because it gives me so much more variety to choose from. Most stores have a slew of indoor pillows pretty much all year round, but outdoor pillows are only seasonal. Not to mention, outdoor fabric tends to be more pricey. But, before you throw just any pillow out there on your porch, let’s think about the location of where you are putting them and of course, the time of year.

Porch Sources: Outdoor Wood Sectional | Fan

If your area is covered and screened in, you are a lot safer than using it in an area that will be out in the elements full force. This doesn’t mean they will not get weathered, but they’ll be less likely to take a beating from the elements.

Another thing to consider is the time of year and your climate. If you live somewhere that is very pleasant with temps ranging around 70 and sunny most days, you would be better off than someone who lives in extreme cold or hot temperatures. The same for the time of the year where you live. Leaving the pillows out in extreme temperatures would not be wise.


A great sure way to use an indoor pillow outside is to waterproof it. It is as easy as spraying the pillow down with Scotchgard (Heavy Duty Watershield) a couple of times and you are good to go.

It’s the easiest way to make any pillow or fabric waterproof and outdoor safe. I like to spray a couple of layers to make sure I am getting every inch of the pillow. It dries super-fast, is really easy, and only takes a couple of minutes. This trick allows you to not worry about the weather and all the other outdoor elements. You will be able to use your beautiful indoor pillows outdoors any time of the year or climate.

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