Where Should I Place My Microwave in My Kitchen?

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A microwave is one of those things that you sometimes think you can live without. It is the kitchen appliance that isn’t always so attractive and you may not use it on an everyday basis, but feel like you probably still need one.

So, how can you implement a microwave into your kitchen design and make it look good? That is the question we kept asking ourselves as we were designing our previous home and the new build.

What did we do? Well, both kitchens were a little different, so we did two completely different designs concerning our microwave. Both actually worked out great and ended up fitting into the design quite well. Here are a few different options you may want to explore that have worked well for us or may work well for you.

Microwave Drawer in Pantry

In our current kitchen, we went with a ZLINE microwave drawer which is amazing. Not only does it look stunning, but it is also completely integrated into our pantry cabinetry. It is more like an upgraded appliance than a microwave itself. It is a very seamless, sleek design that allows you to utilize more counter space for other things.

A microwave Drawer allows you to utilize more space and is very easy to use. Our entire family is loving it! We ended up mimicking this same design in our flip house with placing the microwave in the pantry. I think this will be a plus for any potential buyers.

It’s something we just thought we wouldn’t use tons but has turned into an everyday appliance. It’s great for defrosting frozen fruit to steaming raw veggies. And of course, it is great for making the occasional mac and cheese for our thirteen-year-old son.

Microwave in an Island

From experience, a microwave installed within an island is a great idea. It is super handy to get to and again, allows for more space on the countertop. This actually may be somewhat more convenient than in the pantry. It really all depends on your usage of the microwave and of course, if you even have the pantry space to put it in. An island microwave can give you your microwave without compromising looks and style in your kitchen.

In our previous home, we installed a stainless steel microwave to match the other appliances. It ended up working out great and we found it to be very usable. We installed a smaller microwave with a trim kit. Another option would be a microwave drawer as we have not. Both can be implemented with a trim kit into your island cabinets for a great look.

Microwave in Perimeter Cabinets

If you don’t have an island or a pantry big enough for a microwave, another option is to integrate your microwave somewhere in your bottom perimeter cabinets. This will give your microwave more of a sleek custom finish, looking like fits seamlessly into your kitchen design. This is a great option that still holds to a stylish look.

Some people want their microwave in their upper cabinetry or above the range. Personally, I feel like when we move the microwave to upper cabinetry it can be an eyesore and almost look out of place.

I do understand this could be more convenient as far as not having to bend down, but for not for looks. I would have to say I much more prefer a range hood over a microwave.

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