The Best Mirror Placement Ideas

There are so many places and spaces in your home to use mirrors. The most obvious place is in a bathroom over a vanity, but many people don’t think of or realize that mirrors can be used in many other locations throughout a house. I’m going to share some ideas and tips on where are the best places to use mirrors.


One of my favorite places to hang a mirror is an entryway. There is something about a mirror adding elegance right as you walk into a home. A mirror reflects light and can add more visual interest to a foyer or entryway area. Most entryways need the extra lighting that a mirror can offer. The mirror also creates the illusion of the space being much larger than it really is. This is especially important if the entryway is smaller with no tall ceilings.

Mirrors used in an entryway can be either small or large. This really depends on the size of your area and exactly what other furniture pieces you are using. For instance, we have our mirror hung above a long entryway table. Another great look is using a full-length floor mirror. This is something that in the past you would see more in a bedroom but has made its way now in many entryways.

Mirror Above a Fireplace

Hanging a mirror above a fireplace is another great idea. This could be hung or even leaned up against the fireplace on the mantel. I think both are great looks and just depends on the size of the mirror and what look you are going for. Hanging a mirror vertically above the fireplace will make the wall seem taller. This is great if you have a room with lower ceilings. Smaller and horizontal mirrors may not be a good fit above the fireplace.

As far as material and the look of the mirror, I tend to want the material to give off a contrasting look. For example, if the fireplace is white painted brick, then a wood-framed mirror would look really good against the lighter brick color. But, if the mantel is wood, then I would probably go with a brass-framed mirror to use a different material and mix it up.

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

We all know that a bathroom has to have a mirror above a vanity. This isn’t just for looks, but also for function. They are a must-have! A vanity mirror can come in different shapes, sizes, and even different frames. This is where the mirror starts to give your bathroom personality.

You can even choose to hang single vanity mirrors or do a separate look as we did in our master bath. Considering this wall was our largest wall in the bathroom, we chose to use it as more of a focal point. Even though our vanity is one single piece of furniture, we used wall sconces and two single mirrors to create more visual interest.

Above Furniture

Another place to use and add in a mirror is above a piece of furniture such as a sofa. Basically, the mirror is serving as a piece of art. A framed mirror is great for using in a small room that you want to make appear larger. It also can create more of a sophisticated look to the room and could sometimes be more affordable than purchasing a piece of art.

Decorative/Open Shelves

I also love using mirrors to decorate open shelves or bookcases. Using smaller-sized mirrors will create interest and isn’t a predictable item on shelves, which is why I like it! They can be used to create a backdrop for smaller items or even layered with other mirrors of different sizes.

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