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Planning and Designing a New Porch Swing Bed

It’s no secret that we kinda like porch swings. I think every porch needs a swing to enjoy and relax on. We have had some type of swing at most every home we have ever lived in, and we know that has been a few. There is just something about a swing that takes me back to when I was younger sitting on my grandmothers porch. I have fond family memories of swinging and relaxing on the back porch. I can’t imagine having a house without one!

So, of course we will be having a porch swing at our new home. Considering our new home is a different style, the porch swing will also be a little different. Here is what we have in mind and are in the process of planning.


As we were looking for swing inspiration, we came across this one designed by Studio Lifestyle. We knew we needed to look no further! We had found the perfect wood swing with a modern flare.

Design by: Studio Lifestyle

The sleek, modern design pairs so well with the natural wood tones. I fell in love with the simplicity of the overall look, while it’s still such a sophisticated design.

One of my favorite parts of this particular swing is what appears to be six individual ropes, but it’s actually only one looping up and back down. It’s such a unique design. Since there is so much going on with the rope, it makes sense that the design of the actual swing is so simple. That way they are not competing with each other.

The Design

As much as we love the design of the swing by Studio Lifestyle, we want to make our deign our own by adding our own unique touches.

The rope configuration of this swing is the star of the show. So we will definitely be incorporating that.

The biggest change to the swing will be the back. The way our swing will be hung on our new porch, the back will be very visible as soon as you come out into the covered porch area. The swing will be facing the fireplace on the opposite side of the porch.

With the back being exposed and one of the first things you will see, we wanted it to be beautiful and unique. Henry has been working on the new design. This one has a cross pattern that has a bit of a modern vibe. The back will also be higher providing more support and a resting place for lots of pillows.

We are also contemplating making the swing a little wider. Probably going with a twin mattress size. This will give us more room on the swing and also eliminates having a custom cushion made.

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  • Reply Brittney

    Do you still have plans to make this swing? I’m about to build one similar to your inspiration photo (I found your blog through the photo on Pinterest) and would love to know how your plans come to life! I love all of the other swings you’ve built but I’m specifically interested in slim profile and the unique use of ropes of this swing!

    April 23, 2020 at 2:48 pm
  • Reply Angela Brubaker

    Hi, I was wondering if you were able to make plans for this swing, the woven rope porch swing. I have a friend that wants me to make her one. I love how your other plans are so easy to follow and have made a porch swing for myself. I am new to woodworking and not confident to make it without detailed instructions. If you have a plan available I would be willing to purchase it. Thanks Angela

    October 3, 2021 at 8:24 pm
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