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Our Favorite Green Paint Colors

You may be surprised to know that green is a very powerful color. It actually has been known to make an impact of many people’s behavior and decisions. The color green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with peace, rest, and security. Crazy enough, people are sometimes invited into a “green room” while waiting to go on camera. So, who could argue that green isn’t a great color to add somewhere into your home.

We do not have any natural light in our new build laundry room, but really wanted to go with something different like green cabinetry. When I think of green I normally think of dark, moody green shades. Much to my surprise, lighter greens are also on the rise and look beautiful. So, that is the direction we are thinking about going.

Here are a few green shades, dark and light, that we are loving for the the interior of a home. These different shades could be used throughout, such as on cabinetry, accent walls, or an entire room. This is a fun way to get creative with your home and add uniqueness.

Benjamin Moore Flora

Flora by Benjamin Moore is a medium light shade of green. It is a rich color with earthy, organic quality that is very welcoming. Flora pairs well with both contemporary and traditional furnishings.

Benjamin Moore Sage Tint

Design: Christina Kim

Sage Tint by Benjamin Moore is another beautiful lighter shade of green. It is included within the Classic Color Collection. It is very much considered a elegant color that will be used for many years to come.

Benjamin Moore Soft Fern

I consider Soft Fern by Benjamin Moore to be a very unique color. It’s a light shade a green that is ideal for walls. I can see painting an entire room with this color.

Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

Credit: Traditional Home

Softened Green is one of my favorites. It’s dark with a soft touch, and dates back to being popular in interiors in the 19th century. It is deep, yet calming. This would be perfect an office or bathroom.

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

Design: Emily Henderson

Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams is an olive green color. It is definitely on the darker side, but not too, too dark. It has some grayish undertones and looks similar to an army color. This color is very striking on cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom and would even work well for built-ins in a mudroom. It is paired well with brass accents as you can see in this kitchen by Emily Henderson.

Farrow and Ball Pigeon

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel

On the Farrow & Ball website, it says that Pigeon is a “cosy and nostalgic blue grey”, but I see more green than blue every time I’ve seen this paint color. So I’m including it in our list regardless. The green in Pigeon really comes out when there is a lot of natural light in the room.

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