Our Favorite Dark Green Paint Colors

Dark green paint colors are en vogue for their depth and captivating aura, which create unique, immersive environments. Dark, moody greens bring the calmness and richness of nature indoors while adding a touch of sophistication. From dramatic emerald shades to more subdued mossy hues, dark green paint can create a variety of atmospheres, instilling a sense of peace, elegance, or even an edgy vibe, depending on the undertones and intensity of the color. Let’s explore some of our favorite dark green paint colors!

Sherwin-Williams Jasper (SW 6216)

Jasper by Sherwin-Williams is a moody green that mirrors the calming depth of a secluded forest lake. Its serene yet intense tone is an ideal backdrop for creating an atmospheric and cozy space. Pair it with muted grays or warm wood tones to further enhance its elegance.

Benjamin Moore Salamander (2050-10)

Salamander by Benjamin Moore is a dramatic, moody green with blue undertones that almost leans towards black. Its depth and intensity bring a rich allure to any room, making it perfect for an accent wall or even an entire room. Pair it with gold accents or bright whites for a striking contrast.

Farrow & Ball Studio Green No.93

Studio Green No.93 by Farrow & Ball is a favorite choice among those who appreciate moody hues. It’s a rich, deep green that can appear almost black in low light, giving rooms an incredibly inviting and enveloping feel. When paired with complementary hues like warm creams or earthy browns, it exudes an irresistible charm.

Sherwin-Williams Greenblack (SW 6994)

As the name suggests, Greenblack from Sherwin-Williams is a very dark green with black undertones. This moody green shade brings a sophisticated and elegant touch to any space. When paired with crisp whites or metallic accents, it creates an exciting, high-contrast aesthetic.

Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green (SW 6208)

A bit on the lighter side compared to the other paint colors in this article, Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green (SW 6208) is a stunning dark green paint with a subtle blend of gray undertones. This gives it a desaturated and moody appeal. As it straddles the line between green and gray, Pewter Green captures the tranquility of a forest landscape on a cloudy day, lending an earthy, natural feel to any room. This understated hue provides a sophisticated backdrop to both modern and traditional interiors. Pair it with warm wooden furniture for a rustic feel, or use it as a complement to crisp whites and cool metals for a contemporary look. This versatile color also harmonizes beautifully with a variety of color schemes, making it a popular choice for those seeking a calm and soothing aesthetic.

Farrow & Ball Duck Green No.W55

Part of the Colour by Nature collection, Duck Green No.W55 by Farrow & Ball is a popular moody green inspired by the plumage of a crested duck. Its deep, rich tones offer a sophisticated twist on classic dark green, and it looks stunning when complemented with lighter, cool tones or rich, saturated colors.

These dark green paint colors bring depth, richness, and a touch of the enigmatic to your interiors. Before you make your decision, remember to try out a swatch under different lighting conditions to get the true feel of its depth and undertones. With the right choice, you can transform your space into a chic, captivating retreat that mirrors the serene beauty and sophistication of nature.

If you’re looking for lighter shades of green, we have another article sharing some of our favorites.

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