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Master Bathroom Inspiration and Ideas

As we are in the planning stage of our new custom build, it is very important to think about each detail and each room. Henry and I plan each room separately. They will all follow the same overall theme, but each will have features making them unique.

To start planning, we normally use Pinterest and several designers for inspirational photos. We then talk about what features we like from each photo. This research, the architectural design, and our past experiences all come into play during this planning process.

The master bathroom is one of my favorite rooms. It’s a room that is connected to our master bedroom and closet. This area is a place for Henry and I to relax. It’s our mini sanctuary. It’s important for this room to have a relaxing feel while keeping with the theme of the remainder of the home.

While thinking about the master bathroom, we took into consideration several key elements. Some of the key elements within this room are the wall color, vanities, tile, tub, shower, and fixtures. Each one of these will work together to cohesive look and feel.

Wall Color

We will be keeping with the light and airy color palette for the master bath. The plan calls for three windows above the tub with will let in tons of natural light. This was wonderful for us! Natural light creates the light and airy feel we always love.

Some colors we are looking at are White Dove by Benjamin Moore and Simply White by Benjamin Moore. White Dove has a creamy undertone which adds some warmth. Simply White is a clean white with a slight warm undertone. Simply white is used in this bathroom:

Photo Credit: Amy Bartlam
Design: JDP Interiors


We are planning on going with a wood double vanity much like this one. I love how the wood brings so much warmth to the bathroom. It also adds texture and a rustic vibe. Wood tones against light walls are my favorite.

I also love vanities that look like a piece of furniture.

Photo Credit: Two Peas & Their Pod


Henry wants to go with a darker tile for the floors, but I’m not 100% sold on this yet. I do think it will be an awesome contrast with the white walls and wood vanity. I also think a fun pattern like the one in the picture below would create some great visual interest, but there is the fear of it not being timeless.

Design: Falken Reynolds
Photo Credit: Ema Peter Photography


We have decided to have a tub in the master bath after all. We fortunately have a pretty big area that will allow for both a tub and a larger shower. This was something we debated on. After the feedback from our post on this topic, we decided it would be more beneficial to keep the tub. We are thinking a soaker much like the one we have now seen below. The clean lines give the bathroom a modern feel.


When planning and thinking about the master shower, we are considering several things. We take lots of showers and love our duel shower heads. We have this feature now and will definitely be having them within the new shower. We may also might make one of them an overhead rain head.

We also like the look of a curbless shower. This makes the tile and shower look seamless. This again adds a modern touch, and make the room seam bigger.

Design By: Sam Sacks


I’m loving the look of matte black fixtures within the master bathroom. I think they add both elegance and lots of contrast. I’m also open to mixing some metal finishes in our bathroom.

Design By: Square Foot Interior Design

We haven’t completely settled on every item in the master bathroom, but we have a great start. We have pinned down the look and feel along with most of the design.

As we get a little closer, we will then reach out to finding the exact items for the room. The planning stage is the hardest. Once that is complete, it makes finding the products much easier.

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