How To Make Mums Last Longer

At the beginning of fall, I shared with you all how I would not be buying any mums this year. I do love mums, but every year it is a waste of money for me to purchase them. They always die and I can never get them to live over a month or so. I mean, I don’t have the best green thumb, but surely I couldn’t be that horrible for this to happen year after year.

Although I still didn’t purchase any mums for this fall season, I did decide to do some research on how to keep them looking fresh longer. I found some very neat tips and I’m even thinking I may go buy a couple for the remainder of this autumn season. Depending on where you live, they could bloom all the way through the end of November without cold, cold temperatures.

Here are some things I will be doing to make my mums last longer.

Buy Mums With Buds

Buying mums with buds and not full blooms will for sure ensure you will get the most time out of your flower. If they are in full bloom you will have no way of knowing when they bloomed and how much longer they have for you to enjoy.

This will take some planning ahead if you are wanting to use them for a specific time. I guess that rules out the spontaneous buying as I am at Lowes and pass some that are absolutely gorgeous and in full bloom. The ones that are already beautiful probably shouldn’t be the ones that go home with me.

Repot as Soon as You Buy

If you are like me and buy on a whim instead of planning, this may be a good tip. Make sure and repot mums as soon as you buy and get them home. The roots of a mum are already completely rootbound when you purchase. This makes it hard for the actual flower to retain any water. Replanting in a bigger container with fresh soil will help preserve your plant.


Most mums state they are full sun but do not let this fool you. It is actually best to place them in indirect sunlight. Full direct sunlight will increase the amount of blooms on your mums. It could also be too hot if it is in early fall. I feel like this may have been my problem as I bought mums very early for most years. I would put them in direct hot sun as they stated full sun.


While warmer temperatures will encourage blooming, cooler temperatures will help blooms last longer. The perfect temperature for a mum is 70-75F degrees during the day and around 60F at night. Keep in mind to place indoors if temperatures get much cooler and adjust to full sunlight when they need more warmth.


Water often, but not too much. You basically need to keep a watch on your mums daily to see if they are too dry and need water. If they are droopy this is a sign they need water, but its best to not let them get to this point. Another sign of dryness is if when picking up the pot it is very light.

Be careful not to soak the flower or leave out in the rain. It is possible to drown the plant. So, a small daily does of water underneath the plant itself is your best bet. If the plant feels too moist, skip a day of watering.

Deadhead Your Mum

Another way to keep blooms looking great is to deadhead your mum or remove the brown and dried flowers. It a little time consuming and tedious, but well worth it. This will keep those mums looking fresh longer and allow new blooms to sprint to live.

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