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    How to Grow a Limelight Hydrangea Tree

    There’s something undeniably enchanting about limelight hydrangea trees, with their stunning display of light green to creamy-white flowers that bring a soft, yet vibrant, allure to any garden or outdoor space. If you’ve ever found yourself wandering through a nursery or flipping through a gardening magazine, chances are, the unique beauty of these trees has caught your eye.

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    Pool Landscaping Ideas for a Backyard Oasis

    Have you ever glanced out at your pool area and felt it could use a little spruce up? Whether you’re prepping for a summer of laid-back pool parties or simply want a tranquil spot to unwind, there’s always new ideas for elevating the beauty of your pool area as well as increasing the functionality of your space. In this article, we’re sharing some ways you can create a stunning pool oasis by improving your landscaping and adding a few other touches.

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    What is Modern Landscape Design?

    What exactly defines modern landscape design? It’s a style characterized by its minimalist approach, favoring clean lines, geometric forms, and a palette that focuses on simplicity and functionality. Beyond aesthetics, modern landscape design creates functional outdoor spaces that align with contemporary living standards. Let’s take a look at the unique features of modern landscape design, discovering how it can transform your outdoor areas into sophisticated and serene environments. We will explore the essence of this style and why it might be the perfect choice for your next outdoor project.

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    What Kills Weeds Permanently?

    Have you ever stared out your window at your garden, only to find unwanted guests sprouting up between your carefully planted garden areas? Weeds can be relentless, popping up where they’re least wanted, and often seem impossible to get rid of for good. Henry and I are always working so hard on maintaining our yard and landscaped areas, that we wanted a solution to tackle this weed problem. In this post, we’re diving into the world of natural solutions to tackle this problem head-on. We’re exploring effective, environmentally friendly methods to answer what kills weeds permanently, without resorting to harsh chemicals.

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    All About Compact Japanese Holly

    A Compact Japanise Holly is an ornamental evergreen shrub that is lush and very beautiful! In fact, we fell so in love with them last week, we added six of them around our pool area. They look a lot like boxwoods and are wonderful either mixed in with other shrubs, used as a hedge, or even planted in a pot or container.