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    How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

    Large mirrors are absolutely gorgeous displayed above a table or bench in an entryway. They also add so much elegance above a bed or above a couch in a living room. Of course, hanging a heavy mirror can feel a little scary not knowing if it is secure enough to withstand over the years. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can transform your space with a securely hung, beautiful mirror that you can feel good about. Today, I’ll walk you through the process of how to securely hang a heavy mirror, ensuring it not only looks great but also stays firmly in place.

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    High Ceilings: The Good and The Bad

    High ceilings have become one of my must haves in a home. We included 17ft and 12ft ceilings in our own home, and even eliminated a bedroom in order to vault the kitchen ceiling in a recent flip project. Our cottage house plans also all have 10ft ceilings and we try to work in a vault when possible. However, our love for high ceilings is often coupled with a realization that these architectural features are a double-edged sword. Beyond their aesthetically pleasing nature, high ceilings come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, playing a significant role in the daily practicalities of living spaces.

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    How to Make a Bed: In Six Simple Steps

    Are you someone who makes their bed every day? I feel like making my bed is my first achievement for the day, other than making a cup of coffee. Today we’re going to master the fine art of bed-making. Yes, you read it right! You’re about to learn how to make your bed perfectly and efficiently in just a few simple steps. So grab your pillows, fluff your duvet, and let’s get started!