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    How High to Hang Pictures and Art

    If you are wondering how high to hang that picture or beautiful piece of art, look no further. You are not the only one who has this question. So I’m going to point out a few things you should think about before hanging.

    March 31st, 2021
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    How High to Hang a TV

    How high should I hang my tv? This is a great question and important to answer before drilling holes in your wall, and even more important if you’re mounting the tv on a brick wall. Although there are a few exceptions, here is a pretty quick answer that should apply to most rooms.

    March 27th, 2021
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    Master Bedroom Essentials

    A couple of years ago we were planning our new master bedroom and now we are in the same stages, but this time on the flip house. No matter what type of home you are planning or buying, a master bedroom is a very important part of the home. It is your sanctuary, your place to relax, a place to get away from it all. Don’t you agree we all need a place like this?

    January 25th, 2021
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    How to Add Warmth to an All White Room

    There’s no hiding it, around here we love a good neutral color palette, including lots of white walls. In fact, in our home, all of our walls are white except for our office. We love the clean, minimalistic backdrop that it creates. But when you go all white, it’s important to add some warmth! So let’s talk about how to add warmth into an all-white room.

    December 5th, 2020
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    How to Choose the Right Rug for a Room

    Choosing the right rug for a room can be a challenge! After all, a rug is one of those final pieces that that can make or break the overall feel of a space. There are so many things to consider when choosing a rug and in this article, I’m going to discuss each one. Hopefully, I can help make your search for the perfect rug a little easier!

    November 14th, 2020