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Five Ways to Use Wreaths in Your Christmas Decor

One of my favorite decor items to use throughout my Christmas decor is a wreath. While many only think of using wreaths on exterior doors, they can be used on the interior as well. Sometimes thinking out of the box leads to our best design wins. While decorating for Christmas the past couple of years, I have been implementing small and larger wreaths in many places other than the front door.

Using neutral wreaths will allow you to be more versatile in your style and give you more freedom in where you place them. You can then add some smaller berry stems or pine cones for added color.

Table Center Piece

Wreaths are great for table centerpieces. The circular wreath allows for the perfect surround to any vase. It adds a decorative touch for the holidays. Adding a wreath to a preexisting vase is not only easy, but it’s a very inexpensive way to add a holiday touch to your table.

Range Hood

One of my favorite ways to use a wreath is in the center of a range hood. With our range hood being wood, this is a very easy addition with just adding a small tac nail.

I love the contrast between the greenery and the hood. I used a simple small boxwood here as I did throughout the rest of my kitchen. You could go as big or small as you want. Considering I went smaller, I hung the wreath in the center of the hood.

Interior Doors

Another great place to use wreaths is on interior doors. I hung a wreath on my barn door to add some additional holiday cheer. It can really spruce up a hallway or foyer by this small detail.

Dining Chairs/Barstools

Adding a wreath to a dining chair or barstool is a great option. It ‘s very easy to attach by adding a ribbon or even a tie that can be hidden. I kind of like the idea of the ribbon to give it a more decorative look, especially if the wreath is the only greenery.


I have saved the best one for last, my favorite place to use small boxwood wreaths are on open shelves. They make such a great decor item to add height and variety to shelves.

Using small wreaths in between or even behind white plates is a simple addition that looks very classic and beautiful. This still keeps things simple while adding in a little something extra.

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    I just love your style! I’m building my own home now and would love to know the stain color you used for vent hood, front door, shelves if you don’t mind sharing. Thank you!

    November 11, 2020 at 2:58 pm
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