How to Make Your Laundry Room Both Beautiful and Functional

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A laundry room doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful or functional. In fact, some of the most gorgeous laundry rooms I have come across are quite small, but function just as wonderfully as a big one. It’s not about how big of a space you have, it’s how you make use of it.

I have never had the luxury of having a huge laundry area, but I feel that even if I did, would I use it? We have built several homes and also remodeled a few, with everyone of the homes, not one of them had a huge laundry room.

However, I do feel that a laundry room can be a beautiful place that is very efficient for our needs within that room. Here are a few must-haves that we like to include in a laundry room to make it an incredible space. I mean, we all know how much time us moms spend in this room! So why not make it as beautiful as we can?

Lots of Lighting

One element to consider when planning a laundry room is the lighting. Having a window for natural light would make the room seem bigger and of course, is always a great thing when we bring the outdoors in. It also allows you to have scenery to look at when spending endless hours folding, ironing, and doing laundry.

Design: Studio McGee

If having a window is not an option, make sure you have plenty of lighting with overhead lighting and even wall sconces if you have an open wall. Several lights will give the room illumination that will make it seem larger and will also help you see what you are doing.

Even though a laundry room may seem unimportant, the lighting choice will truly change the looks of the room. Make sure you choose something that will give the room some character and make it feel cozy while you are there.

Beautiful and Usable Built-Ins

Built-ins are one of my favorite additions to a laundry room. Custom built-ins are a great way to organize and hide the clutter. Although, sometimes in my house, I wonder if hiding all the clutter is even possible. It will at least help make things look organized even if you aren’t.

Some great built-in ideas for a laundry room are lockers for each child or person of the family, hooks for hanging jackets, cabinets for storing household cleaning items, and even a longer hanging rack for drying clothes. Custom built-in ideas are endless and truly can turn an ordinary small laundry room into an efficient, organized area.

Organize with Baskets

Using baskets in your laundry room is a great way to add warmth, visual appeal, and organization to the room. They can be used as storage and decoration all in one. A variety of sizes, textures, and designs will be both stylish and functional for the area.

Touches of Color and Texture

Whether in wallpaper or cabinetry, the use of color is very important in making a laundry room beautiful. Making this room unique and special is important. If I’m going to be spending long endless hours in a laundry room, I for sure want it to be a room that looks amazing.

Design By: Grand Tradition Homes & Kate Marker

Another great idea to add to a laundry room is texture. You can add this by using shiplap or even a textured wallpaper. If you don’t do either one of these, you will for sure want to add some in with rustic woods and baskets. Again, the use of baskets is a great way to stay organized and is very useful.

Folding and Hanging Space

Having a designated folding and hanging area is also important. We do want our laundry room to be beautiful, but it also needs to be functional. Adding in some built-ins with an area for hanging is a great idea.

This will give you beauty, function, and customization all in one. It’s also a great idea to use some type of countertop over your washer and dryer. This will allow for no wasted space and give your laundry room a high-end look. Having the countertops will somewhat disguise the washer and dryer while at the same time giving you much-needed space to fold your laundry.

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