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Five Ways to Use Concrete in Your Home

It wasn’t too long ago that concrete was always getting covered up with other materials. But now it’s more common to see it being used as a design element in homes.

I personally love the look of concrete. I love the rawness of it. There’s just something about the color and texture. When you pair it with other natural elements like wood, it really can bring a space to life!

Whether you are looking for character, great architectural design, or added warmth, concrete is one of my favorite things to include in a home’s design. Concrete has been used for centuries as a building material, but yet it can also add some modern vibes to your home!

There are several ways to add concrete to your home design and decor. Here are a few ideas that we have either used or would love to use. Hopefully, this will help you come up with a few ways to incorporate concrete into your own home.


One of the first things we started thinking about when planning the interior of our home, was the fireplace. Our floor plan is an open concept with high ceilings and our fireplace needed to be a focal point for this open area. This was a key feature in our living area that would even be seen from other areas of our home.

Knowing this fireplace needed to make a statement, we decided to go with something grand and a material that would make a statement. The answer was concrete! We knew a concrete fireplace could add texture and interest and create the focal point we needed in this area.

After contemplating what style we wanted and even considering DIYing it, we came across Hard Topix. They’re a company that specializes in making beautiful concrete countertops and fireplace surrounds. We worked with them to design a custom surround specifically for our fireplace. The process was very fun!

While we went with a sleek modern design, there are other options for concrete fireplaces, like going floor to ceiling.

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Design: Studio McGee


As much as we love our Quartz countertops, concrete countertops are an amazing look. They give a kitchen or bathroom a very unique look and can be customized in many options.

Credit: Hard Topix

You can create your own look matching any design style such as traditional, modern, contemporary, industrial, or rustic. Concrete countertops can be left a natural grey or can be customized to look like marble, granite, or even wood.


Concrete flooring is yet another great option. This flooring is normally seen in finished basements, loft apartments, or even main floors in more of contemporary style home. Not to say concrete flooring is limited to this style because, in my opinion, if you want to incorporate concrete flooring into your design, go for it!

Credit: Mike Hammersmith

We chose to do stained concrete flooring in the basement of our previous home and in this new home. I love the way the concrete creates more of an industrial look. Both of our homes were very different, but both have modern elements. I love combining modern and traditional elements.


Adding in concrete walls is for sure an up and coming look that is fabulous. We have yet to incorporate this into any of our homes, but I could see this in the near future.

A solid concrete wall is something that has to be planned in the early stages of a build since it has to be formed and poured.

But If you don’t want to do a solid formed wall, you can use cladding to create a very similar look. This is achieved by mounting lightweight concrete panels to an existing wall.

Credit: Hard Topix

Incorporating concrete walls into your home is a commitment to a very modern look, but one that I love.


If you don’t want to remodel, not building a new home, or don’t have the desire to tackle a big project, adding concreate to your home can be done using decor. I feel like it can be used with any design style adding in more natural, neutral tones. Adding in concrete pots, lighting, and even furniture allows for texture to fill a room.

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