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Easy DIY Fall Wall Art

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When you can’t find it, you just DIY it, right? As I was slowly decorating and adding in my fall decor, I knew I wanted to add in a few fall pictures. As I was searching all my go-to places and even online, I just couldn’t find any fall art that I absolutely loved. If I did find one, it was out of stock or too expensive. So, I decided to DIY my own fall art. You know this has to be easy if I’m doing it because I’m not a very crafty person.


  • Hearth & Hand Wood Floating Shelves (9×11 or 6×8)
  • fall stems or leaves
  • glue dots or double-sided tape

I had been seeing lots of beautiful fall framed leaves in all the Hearth & Hand new fall line pictures. I wanted mine to look the same, so I ordered three of the wood float frames from Hearth & Hand by Magnolia. For some reason, no local Target in our area had them in stock. Imagine that!

I ordered two 9×11-sized frames and one 6×8 frame. I planned on the smaller one for my kitchen floating shelves and the other two for the family area shelving. Keep in mind you want to make sure they will be proportional to the area you will be using them.

Now for the material that will go inside the frames. I wanted a little color, but not much. I purchased an entire fall bundle of dried wheat, grass, twigs, and fall leaves. It was only twelve dollars and I used it for filling vases and a few of the smaller leaves for this project.

There are a variety of things that could go inside the floating frames. I wanted to keep it simple with just a little color, so I chose to do leaves. Make sure whatever you use isn’t too thick. The space between the frame will not allow it. Another great thought is that you can change the contents within the floating frames to go with each season.

Putting It Together

After you have purchased your frames and fall stem leaves, it is very easy from here. First, place the stem or leaves in the frame to see how much needs to be trimmed.

Then trim your stem or leaves so that it will fit nicely in the frame. Make sure to give it some room all the way around. It will look better if it is not crammed up against the frame on any of the four sides.

Once you have it trimmed to the right size, place your stem in between the glass. If you think the stem will slip, place a couple of glue dots or double-sided tape on the exterior side.

After you get the stem exactly where you want it, close up the frame, and your artwork is finished.

This fall art DIY is fairly inexpensive, takes less than 5 minutes, and is a project even for the noncrafty individuals like me. I love the fact that I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, but still made my vision come to life with a few extra steps of doing it myself.

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