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    How to Give Wood a Wire Brush Finish

    A wire brush finish is a great way to add more interest and texture to wood. For example, I recently built a couple of bathroom vanities out of solid white oak. The style of the vanities is minimalist with very clean lines. I thought it would be cool to create a contrast by distressing the wood. I did this with a wire brush. The technique is very simple but creates a dramatic effect. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I did it.

    January 13th, 2022
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    How to Build and Install Functional Wood Shutters

    Adding functional shutters to the exterior of your home is an excellent way to increase curb appeal! It’s also very doable as a DIY. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how I built and installed them on the house we are renovating.

    November 20th, 2021
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    How to Create an Art Gallery Wall

    Henry and I were so excited to do this art gallery wall project! We had a pretty large-sized 14×10 foot wall in our home office that was a blank slate. For the longest time, we weren’t quite sure what to do with it. Then we finally decided that a gallery wall would be the best option! Our home office is a dark and moody color. So we chose a light wood frame that would create some contrast against the walls and tie in with the other wood elements in the room.

    November 6th, 2021
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    How to Build Horizontal Deck Railing

    There are many different styles of deck and porch railings. For our house, we decided to go with a wide horizontal style. Not only does this style have a more modern look, but I think it is also easier to build. In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how you can build this type of railing for your deck or porch.

    August 28th, 2021
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    How to Lay Tile for Pool Decking

    We decided to go with ceramic tile for our pool decking because we felt like it would be easier as a DIY. We’ve laid plenty of tile in the past and felt confident that we could get the job done and be happy with the end result. Of course, using tile meant that we would first need a slab of concrete poured to lay the tile on. This added some extra expense, but we offset that plus some by installing the tile ourselves.

    July 31st, 2021