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If you look at my feed and home, you will find out very quickly, I am a lover of light neutral colors. Although this is true, I do find that there are places where darker colors are appropriate. For instance, I love a dark accent wall, darker painted interior doors, or even an entire office painted with a darker color.

In our current house, we added a dark shiplap accent wall to our home office, but in the new house, we’re thinking of taking it even further.

The new house will be light in color overall, but our home office is a room where we will be going dark. Using dark colors within the interior can create a modern and sophisticated look. It can also create an entirely different atmosphere and mood.

For our home office, I envision a space that will enhance our mood for creativity. I truly think the surroundings you are in can help you be more productive.

I mean who doesn’t love working in a coffee chop, sitting in a leather chair, looking out a big floor to ceiling window, soft music in the background, with a coffee in hand. Come on, surely I can achieve something similar, right. It will be our own little coffee shop environment within our home.

We haven’t decided if we will do the entire room in a dark color or if we will do only the shelving and some accent areas much like this one:

Designed By: Studio McGee

This office is painted in Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore. I do love the look of the dark paint against the white walls. The lighter rug also has great contrast with the darker wood desk and flooring.

Photo Credit: Reid Rolls

I’m also loving this home office. That shade of green and the brass accents would create the perfect atmosphere to inspire creativity!

Here is another great office. The wall art, wall color, and modern light fixture all give this space a sense of elegance, while the leather and greenery add a more comfortable vibe.

Again, notice the use of a lighter area rug. I feel like using a lighter rug and curtains within a dark room help to bring in a little light and airiness.

Photo Credit: Evolution of Style

The picture says it all! I love the dark wall color, use of woods, and leather added in. The plaid ottoman is also a nice touch. I can imagine the fire going, the snow blowing, and Henry and I busy writing blog articles.

I just love how each of these home offices create that sophisticated look of a home office, while keeping such a creative mood and tone. The fun and warm vibes also demonstrate the perfect mood we are going for.

This space excites me so much! I love surrounding myself with a work environment that will create this feel without having to leave our home. Now, I just need to figure out a way to add in a coffee bar!

Here are a few more inspirational dark office pictures.

Designed By: Studio McGee
Photo Credit: Scout & Nimble
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