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Ways to Customize and Add Detail to a Porch or Deck

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I don’t know about you, but our deck/porch area is where we spend lots of time. We find ourselves gathering there more than anywhere else in the house during the warmer months of the year. Whether dining, watching a ball game or just relaxing, we make lots of great memories in this area of our home.

With our new build, we really put some thought into elements that we could incorporate into this area that would give it a custom look, elements that would also add detail and make it more pleasant for us to enjoy.

In the past, our decks and porch areas were close to a pool. This was dreamy and although I absolutely loved this, this go-around it wasn’t happening. Henry had already put his foot down about installing a pool even though I had a great argument with all the pros that a pool added to a home.

Without having a pool, I knew I wanted to go the extra mile by adding a few more details that would make our porch one of our favorite areas. Some of these things we are adding now during the build and a few things we will add in the spring after we move in.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider adding to your porch/deck area to make it extra special.


I’m sure you agree that a fireplace is a great addition to a porch. This new build will be the very first time we have ever included a fireplace on our porch/deck area. We are so excited! I think it was just never in our budget on all of our builds and remodels, but this time, it was a must for me.

I feel like a fireplace extends the use of how much time you will be able to use the area. It also adds so much coziness no matter what season it is. We went with a gas fireplace on our upper deck, but a wood-burning one would also be a great addition.

Detailed Trim and Railings

Custom detailed trim and railings are a way to make your porch unique and custom. There are so many different combinations and choices you can go with. I will go into more detail in another article.

Design: Laurell Powell

One thing we love doing is installing wood tongue and groove ceilings. This is an added detail that we love and have always used.

For our new build, we wanted a look that has clean lines and accented our modern cottage home. We chose to go with simple horizontal wood slats for the railing paired with wrapped columns. Both will be painted a darker color that will be a good contrast with the wood ceiling.


Fans and lights are always a great way to add detail and interest. We normally add in a fan or two due to the fact it will be very handy for our hot summers. Not only do they circulate air, but they offer a unique style to the ceiling.

Choosing a color that will contrast nicely with your ceiling is always a good idea. This go-around we went with a black ceiling fan, while our ceilings are stained walnut. Don’t be afraid to mix different finishes. I’m not a big fan of the “matchy matchy” look.

We also added in some can lights, not for the looks, but only for extra lighting. Extra lighting will come in handy for early morning or late night porch usage. It also allows you to have different lighting options. Sometimes you need it to be a little brighter and other times, not so much.

Mixing Exterior Material

Something we love to do on a porch or deck area is to mix different types of material. This will create a unique feel that will add so much character.

For instance, the exterior of our home is painted white brick. We paired this with a wood ceiling while doing composite flooring. Again, the days of everything having to match are over. The use of different types of material is a great look implementing layers of texture into your design.


After the area is complete, in my opinion, one of the finishing touches that will complete the area is greenery. Greenery is a way to make the space come alive! It is the icing on the cake.

This look can be accomplished by planting smaller plants and shrubs into containers that will accent your porch.

Custom Seating

Something else we like to do on our porches is to add custom seating. As you know Henry and I are into porch swings. If your area will not allow for a swing, custom bench seating is always another idea.

This is something that you can get creative with. Custom seating adds in a personal touch that has a story to tell.

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