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How To Choose Light Fixtures For Your Home

One of the challenges when picking out light fixtures for an entire home is making sure they are unique yet cohesive. It can be quite a daunting task and a little overwhelming. Light fixtures truly play an important role in the overall design of the house and can even change a room completely.

In this article, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to make the selection process a little easier when choosing light fixtures for your home. I’m also including links to the lighting in our current home.

One Room at a Time

I suggest focusing on one room at a time instead of overwhelming yourself with the entire home at once. Once you have an overall design for your home build or remodel you can start to choose room by room. For instance, we chose more of a traditional style with a touch of modern edge.

We made a list of every room in the house and what light fixtures we would need for each room. For example, our kitchen needed two wall sconces above the shelf and also two pendant lights. After making a list, then start the search for what you are looking for. I also recommend looking at a particular light in a room on either Pinterest or Instagram to see exactly what the light fixture looks like in an area rather than just a single picture of the light not in a room.

Lighting Finish and Size

Don’t focus so much on making sure each light in each room has the same finish or same size. Each area of your home is different. So it’s okay that your lights are different as well. You can keep with the same overall theme of your design by mixing metals, sizes, and even looks for different room personalities.

Something to keep in mind is that the lighting should be proportional to the room size. For example, we have a very large kitchen with seventeen-foot ceilings and a ten-foot island, so we chose oversized pendant lights for over the island.

Our Lights

Here are links to our favorite lights throughout our home.

Townsend Matte Black 6-Light Pendant | Glenn Matte Black One-Light Wall Sconce

Huxley Bronze 34-Inch Five-Light Pendant

Our dining room pendant is on a dimmable switch. We made sure to use dimmable LED bulbs and a dimmable switch that is compatible with LED bulbs. This way, we avoided the dimmable LED flash and flickering.

Gaines Aged Brass Three-Light Picture Light

Metal No. 2 Gold and Bronze One-Light Wall Sconce

Mitzi Hudson Valley Brigitte 6-Light Old Bronze Pendant

Chatham Warm Brass Eight-Light Chandelier | Nora Brass One-Light Wall Sconce

Townsend Matte Black Four-Light Chandelier

Olivia Old Bronze 1-Light Wall Sconce

Hudson Valley Clinton Two-Light Wall Sconce

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