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  • Building Tips

    Hardwood Flooring: Does it Add Value to Your Home?

    Does adding hardwood floors add value to your home? This is a very good question that comes up often. Most people would agree that they for sure do add value to a home. Although the answer is quite simple, the explanation may need to go a little further.

    July 30th, 2020
  • Building Tips

    Four Elements of a Beautiful Staircase

    There are so many components that go into the building or remodeling a home. While we were building our new home, we made sure to plan out every single part of our staircase, all the way from the treads to the decor. It was all so important.

    April 14th, 2020
  • Building Tips

    Things To Consider Before Purchasing Garage Doors For Your Home

    So all throughout our build, I was set on doing something different for our garage doors. There were things I just knew I wanted to change up and things I wanted to leave the same. I had always dreamed of doing real wood garage doors and I had made up my mind that was exactly what I wanted to do. Henry kept trying to get me to look at other options and I just wouldn’t have any part of it. You know how women can be at times, a little set in our ways…or maybe that is just me?

    April 14th, 2020
  • Building Tips

    Five Must-Haves for a Beautiful and Functional Mudroom

    Well, what a crazy few weeks it has been, but we did it! We are moved into our new house and so ready to share each and every space with you. The very first area we are going to be sharing is our mudroom. When we started our planning stages with Frusterio Design, we knew we wanted a separate mudroom and laundry room. Each would serve a different purpose and not to mention they were going to be on totally opposite sides of the home.

    Updated April 16th, 2020



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