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  • Building Tips

    How Long Does It Take to Build a House

    As seasoned homebuilders, we have navigated the process of constructing a house from the ground up multiple times, each experience unveiling its unique challenges and rewarding moments. We understand that building a house is not just about laying bricks. It’s an endeavor influenced by a myriad of factors such as economic conditions, the decision between hiring a contractor or taking the DIY route, and the specific characteristics of the house itself, including its size and design. Our aim is to unravel these complexities, offering insights into how they together shape the timeline of transforming a plot of land into a place you can call home.

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    How Deep Is a Closet?

    As Henry and I have built several homes and now we’re designing house plans, closet space is always a very important consideration. While it may seem like a straightforward topic, there are actually quite a few variables to consider. So if you’ve found yourself asking the question: “How deep is a closet?”, this article is for you. It will guide you through the different dimensions and things to consider.

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    What are Standard Window Sizes?

    Let’s discuss an often overlooked but crucial aspect of home design and renovation – standard window sizes. Understanding the common dimensions and variations of window sizes is very important. This knowledge can make the difference between a seamless installation process and unforeseen construction headaches. It can also help you visualize your space more effectively and even optimize your home’s energy efficiency.