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  • House Flipping

    How to Plan a Home Renovation Project

    Planning a home renovation project can be intimidating! Even though we have made it through this process several times, we still know the importance of spending the time to plan. Planning out the project can actually take lots of pressure off of you and make you feel more at ease before going into such a big task and commitment.

    January 4th, 2021
  • House Flipping

    What to Look for in a Flip House and How to Make the Most Money

    I’m usually talking about building houses like the one above that we currently live in, but we also have some experience remodeling and flipping houses. We mostly have stuck to building custom homes because in some respect it’s a little easier. One of the biggest challenges when flipping a house is making sure to not sink too much money into the home itself. When doing a custom home you have a little more flexibility on the spending.

    Updated June 9th, 2020