What is the Best Range Hood Height for Your Kitchen?

best range hood height
Plaster Range Hood

If you’ve ever shopped for a range hood, you know that there are a lot of factors to consider. But one of the most important considerations is range hood height. The right range hood height will help keep your kitchen air clean and free of smoke and cooking odors. But how do you know what height is best for your kitchen? Let’s find out!

Why is a Range Hood Important?

A range hood is an important part of any kitchen. Not only does it help to keep the air quality good by getting rid of smoke and cooking odors, but it also helps to protect your walls and ceiling from grease and other grime that can build up when cooking.

A range hood can also have a big visual impact on the design of your kitchen. A well-designed range hood can even be the focal point. Henry built a custom Venetian plaster hood with a curved profile for our kitchen. This plaster hood is in the center of two large windows which creates a lot of visual interest in the space.

A range hood is also a great way to add your own personality to a kitchen. Whether you choose wood, plaster, or some type of metal, it will be one of the main design elements in your kitchen.

Range Hood Height Quick Guide

Range Hood TypeHeight from Cooktop (min-max)
Stainless Steel26”-36”
Under Cabinet28”-36”

Maximum Height

The maximum height of a range hood is the highest point from the cooktop at which it can be installed and still be effective. In most situations, the maximum height is 36″ for any range hood. At any height above this, chances are the vent hood will not be able to draw the fumes and cooking odors out of the kitchen properly.

Wood Range Hood

Minimum Height

The minimum height of a range hood is the shortest point from the cooking surface at which it can be installed and still be effective. The maximum height of a range hood is the tallest point at which it can be installed and still be effective and not damaged. This number will vary a bit based on the hood material. The minimum height is used mainly for safety and to prevent the hood from becoming damaged. If you install a range hood too low, there’s a danger that it can catch on fire, or the inner parts of the hood can become damaged from too much heat. For example, a stainless hood can be mounted lower because the metal is not combustible. Whereas a wood hood needs to be mounted higher since wood can more easily catch on fire.

Consider Practicality

Safety and functionality are both important factors, but you should also consider practicality when it comes to the best height for your range hood. You do not want to install it so low that it is in your way when you cook. And you definitely don’t want to be bumping your head on the hood. Most people like to have the bottom of the hood at eye level.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Space for a Range Hood?

Range hoods are an important part of kitchen design, and for this reason, most people want them. But not every kitchen setup is suited for a range hood. Sometimes there is not enough space or clearance, but having proper ventilation in your kitchen is still very important. In this situation, a down draft range or cooktop is always an option.

A down draft range or cooktop is a type of stove that has a fan to pull the heat and cooking fumes down instead of up into the kitchen. They are often used in commercial kitchens because they prevent heat and smoke from accumulating near the ceiling. Downdraft ranges and cooktops come in both gas and electric models.

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