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3 Things We Would do Again When Building a House

When you build a house, there are always things that you wish you would have done differently. In our previous houses, there have been major things that drove us a little crazy, but in this house, there are only a few minor things. So for this post, instead of focusing on the negative, I want to point out a few things that I’m so glad we did, and would most definitely do again in a new home. These aren’t the only things, but these three are at the top of the list.

Black/Dark Windows

When we built a few years ago, black windows were not being used at all in our area. Our building supplier even thought we were a little crazy for using them, and prices were high because they were more of a special order item, especially since we were doing black on the inside as well.

This made us doubt our decision a little, but we stuck to our guns and went with black anyway, and I’m so glad we did!

What I love about black windows is the contrast it creates with our white walls. They act as a focal point in a room, especially when you have a pretty view through the window. Because of this, I haven’t felt the need to hang any wall art in many of our rooms.

And on the outside, again they create really good contrast. This is one reason we haven’t felt the need to hang shutters.

Tall Ceilings and Doors

By “tall”, I mean 10ft ceilings and 8ft doors. In our other homes, we did have a few vaulted ceilings, but the overall ceiling height was 9ft, and the door openings were 7ft. With this house we went 10 and 8 everywhere, even on the second floor.

Obviously there is some added cost when doing this: more framing material, bigger doors are more expensive, and more trim material. But I think it is so worth the added cost. Rooms feel more open and bigger, and in our area, most homes have standard heights, so it makes our house different and stand out in another way.

Engineered Wood Floors

This is the second time we have used engineered flooring in a house. It’s extremely easy to install, and if you use a wider plank, it goes down quicker because your covering more area with each plank. It’s also very affordable compared to solid wood flooring.

If you’re not familiar with engineered flooring, the bulk of the plank is made up of  a layered plywood material, and on the top is a then layer of fine hardwood. This makes it stand up extremely well to any kind of moisture. So you don’t have to worry about your floor warping or cupping.

We’ve experienced this first hand in a previous house when we had a water issue. The engineered flooring was unaffected by standing water in one of our bedrooms. Because of this and all of the beautiful color choices, I would definitely use it again in a new house.

In our house we used Padua from ADM Flooring.





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