The Best Detached Garage Plans

Detached garage plans offer a versatile solution for homeowners seeking extra storage, additional living spaces, or a separate area to park their vehicles. Detached garages can be customized to match the architectural style of the existing property or introduce a completely unique design element.

With a wide array of available options, detached garage plans provide an ideal way to enhance both the functionality and value of a property. As part of a comprehensive home improvement strategy, they open up a ton of possibilities for optimizing space, achieving lifestyle goals, and meeting the evolving needs of homeowners. Here are a few of our favorite detached garage plan options.

What is a Detached Garage?

A detached garage is a standalone structure that is not attached to a house or other residential property. These types of garages are separate from the main building, offering a flexible design that can be tailored to the owner’s needs and preferences. It can be built in various sizes and shapes and can serve multiple functions beyond just storing vehicles, such as workshops, home gyms, or additional storage areas.

Because it is separate from the house, a detached garage can reduce the risk of harmful vehicle emissions entering the home and may also lower the risk of fire spreading from the garage to the house. A detached garage can sometimes offer added privacy and noise reduction, particularly beneficial if it is used for activities that are loud or require concentration.

Here are a few of our favorite garage plans you need to check out if you are planning on building a detached garage in the near future.

Farmhouse Three-Car Detached Garage

This beautiful Farmhouse Three-Car Detached Farmhouse Garage is designed by Plank & Pillow. This design offers a unique modern farmhouse style with clean lines and a shed dormer above each garage door. This plan also has a lot of extra space above for those looking to add extra storage, a workshop, a game room, or even an apartment.

The Great Escape Garage

The Great Escape Garage is a two-car garage from Southern Living. This design is more of a southern coastal look that offers a bonus area upstairs for an apartment or extra living space in your home.

Craftsman Garage Plan

The Craftsman Garage Plan design is a three-car garage with an added laundry room. This would be ideal for someone who spends a lot of time in the garage or yard area. This would also be very helpful if the garage was near a pool and could be used for a pool bath area. This plan also features a sloped ceiling and front dormer for an added architectural element.

Modern Farmhouse Single Car Detached Garage

The Modern Farmhouse Single Car Detached Garage Plan is the perfect garage for a small area. It would be a great addition to add any home if you are in need of a small workshop, a place to park one car, or even a storage garage for lawn and yard equipment. It is a total of 526 square feet and displays the cutest dormer at the front of the garage.

Two-Car Modern Farmhouse Garage Plan with Covered Porch

The Two-Car Modern Farmhouse Garage Plan includes a small workshop and covered porch area. This modern farmhouse plan is perfect for adding an additional garage area to a home with exterior door access and a covered porch area to a small workshop or could even be used for extra storage or a planting area.

Craftsman Garage Plan

The Craftsman Garage Plan is a larger plan offering four garage areas. This plan offers tall cathedral ceilings for storing large boats and around 1,288 of usable square feet. This garage is ideal for those boat and car lovers who need extra storage.

Two-Car Garge Plan with Loft

The charming Two-Car Garage Plan displays two dormers in the front and offers 756 square feet of garage. The upstairs loft is great for storing boxes or might make a great office space.

As I’m sure you already know, detached garages offer a wide range of benefits that extend beyond basic vehicle storage. They provide versatility in design and use, acting as a flexible space that can be adapted to suit varying needs, from workshops to additional storage or even home gyms.

Their independent structure enhances privacy and helps mitigate risks related to vehicle emissions or fire. Although detached garages might necessitate extra planning and potentially more land, they present a valuable asset that combines functionality, flexibility, and safety. When considering a garage, it’s worth exploring the detached option to leverage these inherent benefits.

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