Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom

Shower niches are often overlooked but are very important and needed in a bathroom. They provide elegant solutions for decluttering and organizing your bathroom and shower. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or simply want to optimize your existing layout, incorporating a shower niche might just be what you need for your shower space. Let’s dive in and look at some different shower niche ideas! And we’ll also discuss why adding a shower niche is so important and a must-have for your bathroom shower.

What is a Shower Niche?

A shower niche is essentially a built-in shelf in your shower wall. It provides a designated spot for all those bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that otherwise end up crowding the corners of your shower or bathtub. The beauty of a shower niche is its seamless integration, providing functionality without disturbing the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Why Do You Need a Shower Niche?

A shower niche declutters your space, keeping everything organized while contributing to a more luxurious and efficient showering experience. It eliminates toiletries on the edge of the tub, shampoo bottles sliding down, and those ugly hanging shower caddies.

The Classic Subway Tiled Niche

Subway tiles have an enduring appeal, not to forget they are very timeless. A shower niche with a subway tile back is simple, clean, and gives off a classic feel. It pairs well with almost any style, whether modern or traditional. For a little twist, you could opt for colored subway tiles to add a pop of personality.

Marble Niche

If you’re after an elegant, luxurious vibe, a marble shower niche is the way to go. Whether it’s Carrara or Calacatta, the natural veins in marble tiles make each shower niche unique and a work of art in its own right. We have used marble in previous showers and it looks amazing. An idea would be to use the same marble tile for the niche that you use for the shower walls. This will create a very seamless design.

Mosaic Niche

Mosaic tiles are an excellent option to add a bit of sparkle to your shower niche. Choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials—glass, ceramic, or even pebble. A mosaic niche can act as a beautiful accent piece against solid-colored bathroom walls. If you feel like your shower needs added character or color, this is a great option.


Who said a shower niche has to have only one shelf? A multi-tiered niche provides plenty of room for all your toiletries while keeping everything neatly organized. You could even dedicate a shelf to decorative items like a potted plant or candles for a spa-like feel. Adding greenery to a bathroom or shower is one of my favorite things to do to bring the outside into the home and bathroom area. And of course, watering wouldn’t be a problem, just might have to get it a little sunlight here and there.

Linear Shower Niche

Unlike traditional shower niches, which are often small, square or rectangular compartments built into the shower wall, a linear shower niche extends along the length or height of the wall, thus the term ‘linear.’ This elongated storage feature offers a larger, more versatile space for holding various shower products, making it an efficient alternative to the conventional niche. It’s a popular choice for those who prefer a cleaner, more minimalist design, as it can be seamlessly integrated into the wall, providing a sleek and uninterrupted look.

A linear shower niche is more than just a practical storage solution. In minimalist, modern, or contemporary bathroom styles, the linear shower niche’s sleek and unobtrusive design lends itself to the aesthetic perfectly. Depending on the homeowner’s preference, the niche can be positioned at eye level for a design statement, or lower for ease of access. With both its practical function and aesthetic appeal, the linear shower niche is a trend that’s redefining the look and usability of shower spaces.

I hope these shower niche ideas gave you some inspiration for your bathroom design. And hopefully, it was easy to see how a shower niche adds both visual appeal and functionality to your bathroom.

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