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Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring in a Kitchen

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Although I have never questioned it, many wonder if hardwood is the right choice for kitchen flooring. Considering a kitchen may be a place high on the list that is subject to water damage, it can scare people off from what really is a great look.

Henry and I are drawn to hardwood in the kitchen for many reasons, but I’m going to discuss both sides: the pros and the cons. As you will see, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons on this particular subject.


So, I’m going to point out the pros first because you know I’m on this side of the fence. Using hardwood in a kitchen creates an elegant look that seamlessly connects this area of your home to other rooms. An open concept home especially needs a continuous flow of flooring.

The beauty of true hardwood is amazing and in my opinion, it’s hard to match this beauty with another material. With your kitchen being one of the main areas of your home, I think it’s important to use a material that is timeless.

If durability is a huge concern, choose a hardwood that ranks high on the hardness chart or even going the route of engineered hardwood might be a good idea. We actually prefer engineered hardwood over solid due to its durability. If your hardwood becomes worn over time, keep in mind you can always sand and refinish to make them new again. With any other material, it would mean replacing the entire flooring.

Tile Kitchen Floor
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Another great thing about hardwood floors in the kitchen is that they are easy to clean. With a kitchen being a high traffic, busy area this is very important. Cleaning food, spills, or just dirt out of tile grout is very tedious work. Having hardwood allows for quick and easy clean up. With a little cleaning product, wood floors can look squeaky clean in just a few short minutes.


I honestly don’t have many cons for using hardwood in a kitchen, but I will point out a couple of things to consider. If you are on a budget, hardwood flooring may be a little pricey. Of course, I do think it is well worth the money for the longevity, durability, and timelessness of the material.

It can range anywhere from $2.00 to $15.00 dollars a square foot. Softwoods such as pine range from $2.00-$6.00. Mid grades such as oak run between $5.00-$10.00. Exotic woods such as mahogany cost $8.00-$15.00 per square foot.

Always keep in mind these prices will vary on location. So, yes, tile, stained concrete, cork, linoleum, or any other flooring option may be a cheaper route depending on your taste in wood.

Overall hardwood flooring may require a little more maintenance. I would recommend trying to be careful and protect from grease splashes and large water spills. Be smart and clean up any water or spills quickly without allowing to stand on the hardwood for a long period of time. Again, keep in mind, the stronger the wood species, the more resistant. And as I mentioned above, engineered wood floors are extremely durable.

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  • Reply Terry

    Hello, I agree that the seamless look is a beautiful one. We have engineered hardwood throughout our home. We recently replaced the entire kitchen floor because of a leaky hose in our dishwasher. $$$ I will look for another option in my next home.
    Thank you for the great ideas and articles!! You have beautiful ideas and projects.

    January 25, 2020 at 4:25 am
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